Peace of mind comes with Financial Security

At sprint medical, we think of your future; our affordable healthcare plan will help you to secure your health so you can have complete peace of mind.

Why Choose Sprint Medical Healthcare Plan
  • Sprint Medical helps you take care of your health to secure a wealthier future.

  • 25+ Hospitals are covered under cashless plan in Prayagraj. 

  • Sprint Medical clinic is at more than 5 places in Prayagraj. 

  • More than 50+ of India's Top MD Doctors on the Panel with us.

  • MD Doctor Consultation is covered in the healthcare plan.

  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction.

100% Money Back Guaranteed at Sprint Medical

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Our Healthcare plan will provide you safety and certainty where

You don't have to worry about your future healthcare expenses
You don't have to spend too much money to buy Health Insurance
Your Outpatient doctor consultation & hospitalization will be covered
You can also avail of daily cash benefits and personal accident benefits

Fulfill your dreams by taking care of your health with Sprint Medical's affordable healthcare plans

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Subscription & Insurance


₹1414 including GST



₹1000 Daily Hospital Cash

₹1 Lakh Personal Accident Cover

₹50,000 Critical Illness

3 MD Physician Consultation

3 Dietician Consultation


₹2752 including GST



50 thousand mediclaim

500 daily hospital cash

2 GP + 2 super specialty consultation

4 GP or 2 super specialty consultation

3 Dietician consultation

Most Used


₹3892 including GST



₹1 Lakh Mediclaim

₹1000 daily hospital cash

₹1 lakh personal accident cover

2 GP + 2 super specialty consultation

5 GP or 3 super specialty consultation

Unlimited Dietician Consultation


₹3538 including GST



₹1000 per day Hospital Cash

₹1 Lakh Personal Accident Cover

₹50 thousand Critical Illness

8 GP or 6 Super Specialty Consultations

Unlimited Dietician Consultation


I have been using Sprint Medical services for quite some time, and they introduced me to their healthcare plan. Initially, I was not sure about the Health Insurance, but after taking their plan, I don't have to worry about the expenses related to doctor consultations and hospitalization, I feel like I have complete freedom.

Anil Tiwari
Anil Tiwari
Allahabad High Court

We know what it feels like to:

Not having money to pay hospitals bills
To ask family or friends for money
Not having the choice to choose a good hospital

Life is great when you are satisfied with your health, Don't be shy and take action

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Our healthcare plan will help you to achieve financial freedom where:

You will save your Time and Money
Health can never come between your dreams and goals
You can work hard to achieve life goals
You will have more money and freedom

Here is what we don't do

  • We do not prescribe unnecessary medicines and laboratory tests.

  • We do not have any tie-up with any pharmacy or a Lab for commissions.

Ready to Take Control of Your Health?

  • At Sprint Medical, we are Pursuing our Dream to make your Mind and Body Healthy so that you can have a Successful and Healthier Life.

  • You can avail of free super specialty doctor consultation with your healthcare plan.

  • You will have Daily Hospital cash 

  • You will have Cashless hospitalization 

  • You will have Personal accidental coverage 

  • You will have Unlimited dietitian consultation 

  • You will save your 100% on travel and waiting time to see a Doctor.

  • You will get the same-day appointment with us with no waiting time and avail of free follow-up consultation within three (3) days of your first consultation.

  • You get 100% money-back plus two (2) free doctor consultations and one (1) dietitian consultation with a diet plan, if you are not satisfied with our services. 

  • Our fees are less than any famous doctors in Prayagraj, and if you are not satisfied, we pay 100% of your fees back.

  • You can consult Online or in our more-than 5 E-Clinics in Prayagraj.

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