Dr. Vamsi Krishna
Consultant Physician MBBS, DNB


Specializes in Treating Patients for Emergency Care:

  • Assessment, evaluation and management of acute and chronic illnesses.

  • Chronic heart disease, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal disorders, Hyperlipidemia.

  • Hypertension, Respiratory disorders, Thyroid disorders, Vitamin deficiencies.

  • Assessment, evaluation and management of acute illnesses.

  • Abdominal disorders, Dizziness and vertigo, Headaches and migraines.

  • Infectious diseases, Musculoskeletal injuries and muscle sprains, Upper and lower respiratory tract infections.

  • Delivery of comprehensive medical care to hospitalized patients.

  • Early detection of various illnesses and referral to the appropriate specialties as necessary.

  • Primary assessment and evaluation of orthopedic and spine cases.

  • Provision of preventive care including immunization, screening and health education.


MBBS, DNB (General Medicine) TATA HospitalsExperience.

Extensive years of patient care experience with:

  • providing ongoing and coordinated healthcare to individuals and families, utilizing best practices and applying them to each individual patient’s needs.

  • physician, counselor and advocate for the patient, helping them and their families to understand medical conditions and providing an education on how to manage their health accordingly.

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