About Us

Why Sprint Medical

Sprint Medical is a Digital healthcare provider. We help patients to access specialist doctors where they can consult a doctor and get an online prescription with medicine and labs delivered to their homes.

We provide our services through Nurse-Assisted mobile consultation, Micro Clinics and HomeDoc services. We believe patient's fundamental right is to get world-class patient services at their doorstep. We provide compassionate healthcare services to our patients because they don't need additional hassle if they are sick. We only want our patients to rest and recover from their illness, and we will take care of their healthcare needs.

Sprint Medical is on a mission to make healthcare more patient-centric. We are reducing the cost of care by optimizing resources using technology, Increasing patient satisfaction by providing quality care and a one-stop solution, Minimizing stress by reducing time and travel. 

Why are we Different?

Sprint Medical founders and Doctors want to achieve 100% correct diagnostic before starting a patient care plan. To achieve that, we took our technology innovation one step forward; we implemented a system that integrates with Biosensors, AI algorithms, and IoT devices that will record required patient vitals on our platform to provide data for correct diagnostic. 

We also understand that early-stage correct diagnostic is required to treat patients efficiently; early diagnostic gives patients a fighting chance to overcome any fatal illness.