About Us

Why Sprint Medical

Sprint Medical is a patient-driven Telemedicine Super speciality doctor consultation provider that aims to be a patient's first call for all of their healthcare needs. Using technology, Sprint Medical empowers Doctors to provide high-quality, affordable care to underprivileged cities in India. Sprint Medical offers satellite Nurse assisted E-Clinics, Nurse Assisted HomeDoc services, and Nurse Assisted Online Doctor Consultation. We want patients to find the perfect doctor and book an appointment easily. The patient journey should be engaging, and that's why we are always next to them: to help them find the best possible care. Anytime, anywhere. We also help doctors in assisting patients and follow-ups in building their online reputation. With our integrated end-to-end solution, doctors can improve their online presence and devote their time to patient care. Sprint Medical is changing the ecosystem of healthcare; We believe that in the future, more healthcare services will be provided online or at home than in a Doctor's office or pharmacy. At Sprint Medical, we're making this future a reality.

Sprint Medical Progonoze platform makes healthcare more efficient by collecting the Patient's real-time Vitals, EKG, Blood Glucose Monitoring through our integrated IoT devices, highlighting common risk factors, flagging contraindications, and consistently checking in with our patients, giving physicians more time to spend addressing each patient's unique needs.

How we are changing healthcare

At Sprint Medical our best certified doctors treat patients with compassion, so you can get well soon with peace of mind.

At Sprint Medical, we know that you want to be healthy and disease-free. To do that, you need the Best Certified Doctors who are also trained in inpatient experience. The problem is that it's hard to find the trusted certified doctors in the neighborhood, which makes you feel frustrated. We believe Doctors don't spend enough time with patients to understand their problems. We understand your problem as we are also a patient, so we offer the Best quality MS & MD Doctors, trained from top institutions in India and worldwide. 

Here is how we do it:


  • Get a Doctor consultation with Super Speciality Doctors.

  • Receive a treatment plan with a full explanation and follow-ups from our trained staff.

So Book Now. In the meantime, download the free diet plan and make the most of it today. So you can stop losing your money with the wrong diagnosis and unnecessary prescribed Tests and Medicine. And instead, get effortless Doctor consultation with our best-certified Doctors who are trained with us for patient experience so that you will never have to experience the same problems again.