Many people are disappointed with the Medical Care they recieve.

At Sprint Medical our best certified doctors treat patients with compassion, so you can get well soon with peace of mind.

Many people are suffering from the patient experience where:

Waiting in Line for a doctors appointment.
Getting Ripped off with unnecessary lab tests and medicine.
Traveling the distance to consult a doctor.
Not able to find a good doctor in your Neighbourhood or city. 

Get world-class patient care experience with us!

Specialist Doctors

Our Doctors are trained in advanced medicine, and they provide

  • MD, MS doctors with combined 100+ years of experience treating 12000+ patients.
  • Doctors spend enough time with patients to understand their problem.
  • World-class care in your city without traveling anywhere. 
  • The best treatment plan with a diet plan that suits your lifestyle.
  • Saves you time and money.

Speciality Institutes

Understand disease and illness so you can make an informed decision for your treatment.

  • We are specialised in treating chronic diseases.
  • Answers to common questions and concerns for the diseases and illness.
  • Our different specialty institutes make you understand disease and illness so you can make an informed decision for your treatment.
  • We understand, our patients need subject matter experts to treat their illness, and our specialty institute will help you to find a quality doctor for your chronic illness.
  • Our doctors help patients understand diseases and educate them further so that they live healthily, mentally, and physically.

We know what it feels like to:

Wait in line for hours to see a doctor.
Not getting enough time to discuss your problems with a doctor.
Spend unnecessary money on tests and Medicines.

This is why we bring the best MD, MS doctors with combined 100+ years of experience treating 12000+ patients.


I consulted with Dr. Soham Sanyal for hypertension. I was having a problem with high BP for a long time. He was great and gave a complete insight into my treatment plan. I highly recommend him for BP, tension, and GP problems.

Affan Mahmood
Software Developer, Allahabad

Your plan to achieve better health and wellness is:

Book Now
Book appointment with top doctors that are expert in treating related Symptoms and illness.
Consult a doctor
Book Doctor appointment Online or with Nurse assisted E-Clinics in your city.
Get a treatment plan
Our Staff will explain your treatment plan and will guide you to understand your prescription
Follow up on your progress
We will be in touch to effectively follow up on your progress

How can you access world-class health care in your city without getting frustrated 

At Sprint Medical, we know that you want to be healthy and disease-free. To do that, you need the Best Certified Doctors who are also trained in patient experience. The problem is that it's hard to find the trusted certified doctors in the Neighbourhood, which makes you feel frustrated. We believe Doctors don't spend enough time with patients to understand their problems. We understand your problem as we are also a patient, so we offer the Best quality MS & MD Doctors, trained from top institutions in India and worldwide. 

Here is how we do it:

  • Book a Doctor's appointment Online or with Nurse assisted E-Clinics in your city.
  • Get a Doctor consultation with Super Speciality Doctors.
  • Receive treatment plan with a full explanation and follow-ups from our trained staff.

So Book Now. In the meantime, download the free diet plan and make the most of it today. So you can stop losing your money with the wrong diagnosis and unnecessary prescribed Tests and Medicine. And instead, get effortless Doctor consultation with our best-certified Doctors who are trained with us for patient experience so that you will never have to experience the same problems again.   

Our Packages

  • HomeDoc | Consult a Doctor Online - Ask Doctor Online

    We Bring E-Clinic to your home

  • Buy Medicine Online with Home Delivery - Sprint Medical

    Free Medicine Delivery to your doorstep

  • Get Lab Test Services at Doorstep | Home Lab

    From a routine blood test to collecting a specimen to send for culture. We’ll be able to take care of everything for you wherever you are.

  • Online Doctor Consultation via Chat, Video Call and Audio

    Sprint Medical helps patients to connect with top doctors online. In this way, the patient can access top doctors anytime and anywhere

  • E-Clinic in Allahabad, Book Appointments and Consult with Doctors Online

    Our E-clinic's are located physically in your city