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Best Hydrating Beverages That Aren’t Water

Remember if you are not drinking, you are not thinking!

Best Hydrating Beverages That Aren’t Water
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Hydration is a key to your health and normal functioning of your brain. We don’t realize the importance of hydration until we feel dehydrated. This is a very common problem especially in adults.

What if you can have variety of hydrating drinks apart from water? Here we are with a list of most hydrating drinks.

What is hydration?

It is the process of maintaining body water balance known as hydration. ‘Euhydration’ is defined as the normal and minor fluctuations in body water content.

Surely water is an irreplaceable fluid, why to compromise on your health when you can get most hydrating drinks to hydrate.

Why is hydration important?

Maintaining a hydration level is crucial for your body as it affects all your functions. If you don’t hydrate your body you will feel dehydrated which is low levels of body water than the normal level.

Dehydration is not desirable in any situation, hence hydration is must even in winters as it is essential in summers.

 To hydrate yourself you can choose from the list of most hydrating drinks, which are good for all age groups and the best drinks for dehydration in adults.

How much water do we really need?

The amount of daily water is 3 litres for men and 2 litres for women.

Do not skip to hydrate your body.

What are the Benefits of hydration?

Body fluid/water balance is very important for the regulation of day-to-day activity.

Hydration is not just about drinking all day, eating healthy food/drinking options with a high concentration of minerals, and electrolytes will collectively balance your bodily fluid.

Hydration benefits your body to function normally, therefore you need to choose the most hydrating drinks. As per the records, hydration has many disease-preventable advantages over simply quenching your thirst.

Hydration regulates your

Hydration regulates your
  • Temperature

  • Provide nutrition

  • Maintain the organ function properly

  • Sleep Quality

  • Cognitive functions

  • Decreases joint pain

  • Weight loss management

17 Best Hydrating Beverages Besides Water

Here is a list of beverages alternative to water, you can enjoy to kick-start your day-

17 Best Hydrating Beverages Besides Water

1. Coconut Water

One of the most hydrating drinks is coconut water.

A natural hydrating beverage with immense benefits is considered as the hydrating beverage of choice in a few parts of the world.

Coconut water is rich in potassium, sodium, chloride, and carbohydrates. It also possesses antioxidant properties. Hence it is known as one of the best hydrating drinks with electrolytes available naturally.

Replace your artificially sweetened sports drinks with coconut water. It gives you similar hydrating benefits.

2. Milk

Is milk better than water for hydration? One of the miss conceptions people have about milk is the fat content of milk will not benefit their health. This is not true!

 A study shows that milk is one of the best post-exercise beverages besides water. Apart from vitamin D and calcium, milk has some amount of proteins to fuel your body. It maintains a balance better than sports drinks.

3. Lemon water

It is the most widely consumed and loved fruit globally because of its tremendous health effects. Lemons are a rich source of not only vitamin C but also citric acid, and polyphenols (eriocitrin-main polyphenol of lemon) which is a water-soluble antioxidant.

It is one of the best hydrating drinks for summer.

It reduces lipid levels, helps with fatigue, and gives you a boost of immunity.

4. Jaljeera

If you don’t have the habit of drinking water frequently you can have a fresh glass of jaljeera. It is an infusion of lemon, ginger, black salt and mango powder. It helps to detoxify, relieve menstrual cramps, treat your acidity, and is also a best drink for morning sickness.

5. Chaas (buttermilk)

This is most commonly known as chaanch or mattha. One of the easiest and simplest sources of probiotics. This is made by churning curd (dahi).

You can enjoy this either, sweet, salty tastes or seasoned it with cumin powder, ginger etc.

6. Fruit-infused water

Instead of just a plain glass of water, you can maximize your nutrition with the richness of antioxidants, vitamins, and fibers.

You can simply add slices of fresh fruits or use frozen fruits in summer. Add some herbs for freshness and flavor. This can be one of the best drinks for dehydration in adults as you get to modify it according to your taste buds.

Here are some combinations-

A- Water+ cucumber+ mint+few drops of lemon

B- Ginger+ lemon+ raspberries

C- Blueberries+ mint+ blackberries.

7. Aam Panna

Your summer is incomplete without having a glass of aam panna. It is a drink made with green mangoes.

It is commonly known as Aam Jhora or Kairi panha. A perfect way to hydrate yourself in summer. It aids in digestion, loaded with vitamins and electrolytes.

8. Lassi

Lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, and some spices according to your taste you can add. One of the excellent sources of probiotics to boost your immunity.

Helps to fight acidity problems in minutes, hence there is no need to take medicines when you can have a treat for yourself.  

9. Sattu Sharbat

It is formulated using chickpea, barley, and other additives. It is used in vegetarian dishes as a source of protein.

It is a native drink from Bihar. It keeps your body cool and refreshed. It is a combination of sattu powder, and sugar/salt. If you want you can squeeze a lemon for sourness and enjoy it cold or at room temperature.

10. Ragi Ambil

It is a popular drink in Maharashtra and Karnataka. A rich source of minerals, and vitamins then satisfies your hunger.

You can enjoy this by mixing ragi flour, curd, garlic paste, cumin powder, black salt, and water or buttermilk.

Grind all ingredients and enjoy the beverage.

11. Variyali Sharbat

It is a unique drink from Gujarat. It is a mixture of cardamom, fennel seeds, poppy seeds, and other spices.

It helps with digestion and weight loss too.

If you have all ingredients at home it is easy to make within 15 minutes.

12. Chia seed lemon drink

We all are well aware of the tremendous health benefits of chia seeds, why not include it as a drink option too?

It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins (A, E, C, B1, B2, and B3) minerals, quercetin; it is a potent anti carcinogenic in nature, and other antioxidants.

For a healthy drink simply combine chia seeds, honey, and lemon juice with 2 cups of water, give it a good stir and enjoy at room temperature or you can refrigerate it for a few minutes.

13. Kokum juice

This is a drink, especially for summer, with some jaggery or sugar. It quenches your thirst and also satisfies you.

This is full of antioxidants, and vitamin c and helps to relieve ulcers.

 14. Green juice

All dark green vegetables spinach and parsley are the best sources of B vitamins for maintaining our body’s metabolism.

You can have 1 glass of green juice in the morning. It will keep you hydrated and energetic throughout the day.

You can add honey, ginger, peanut, amla, dry fruits, and citrus fruits in the juice to add taste and extra nutrients. 

15. Watermelon juice

It is the best good-to-go fruit juice, takes minimal time, and provides tremendous hydration, as it is 90% water.

Quickly helps to reduce fatigue and stress, and helps to flush out toxins.

16. Bael serbet/wood apple juice

It is a great coolant and as effective as other drinks in summer.

The advantage we have here is it is already sweet, so no need for additives. It is fibrous in nature and helps with stomach upset.  

17. Sugarcane juice

This is one the simplest and tasty beverages available naturally. It comprises 75% of water, and just 15% of sucrose. Hence the best hydrating drinks for summer besides lemon water.

As per the comparative studies of sugarcane with sports drinks, sugarcane juice is equally hydrating to energy drinks making it one of the best hydrating drinks with electrolytes alternative to artificial energy drinks.

All of the mentioned 7 beverages are rich in electrolytes, and minerals and are good options for hydration. As per the data, more adults face dehydration than old age people. Keep yourself hydrated.


"Dehydration has easy remedies but it can be serious if left unnoticed."

What NOT to Drink

As per the studies, it is concluded that people who drink 1 or more servings of soft drinks per day have higher chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

The risk is associated with sweetened soft drinks, particularly ones with higher concentrations of fructose and corn in it.  

Take-Home Points

  • Hydration is of the utmost importance in our body for our day-to-day activities.

  • Pay attention to your body and keep your body hydrated with natural beverages or energy drinks with a good amount of electrolytes.

  • Hydration keeps your body working internally as well as externally.

  • If you are not hydrated enough your brain will not work in any condition.

  • Milk, coconut water, fruit infused waters, are a few examples of natural nutritious beverages.


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