Dr. Shobhana Nayak
Consultant Nephrologist MD, DNB, MRCP UK


Specializes in treating Patients with Nephrology and Urology disorders including:

  • Early detection of Urologic disorders

  • Hypertension

  • Kidney cancer

  • Extensive experience in diagnosing and treating as Critical Care Nephrology


M.D. Internal Medicine (DNB), Nephrology MRCP Nephrology (UK).


15+ Years of patient care experience with:

  • Nephrology Professor trained in UK & Canada.

  • Victoria Hospital London Health Sciences Centre Research team, ICES , London, Canada.

  • Head of Department Nephrology in K.S. Hegde Academy Mangalore Clinical Research & initiation of several research projects in Nephrology.

  • As Consultant Nephrologist with Sprint Medical Hospital/ Clinic Prayagraj city Allahabad.

You can consult with Dr. Shobhana Nayak in Allahabad.

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