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Looking for a General Physician in Allahabad, UP? Look no further! With over 20,000 Successful assessment and treatment of non-surgical healthcare to primary care patients. We provide therapy to emergency care patients, severe patients, and other unusual patients. General physicians at Sprint Medical Allahabad plays a crucial role in diagnosing chronic disease and recommending the patient's right treatment plan or a specialized physician. We are the community choice for a 5-Star rated experience!

Stop Traveling the distance to consult with a General Physician, Waiting in Line for General Physician appointment, Not getting enough time to discuss your health problems with a Physician, Spend unnecessary money on Tests and Medicines! Whether you need a Physician for viral fever, prolonged bouts of fever, Cough & Cold, Respiratory Diseases and Breathing Problem or You are looking for Treatment of Metabolic & Endocrine Diseases and Stomach Infection & Indigestion, Our Certified Gold Medalist, MBBS and M.D General physicians help you from assessment to treatment, Keeping in mind that your Health is No.1 priority. 

Here is What Our Allahabad General Physician Treats

  • General Physician or Family Physician treats all types of fevers: if patients suffer from viral fever or prolonged bouts of fever.

  • Cough & Cold: Runny nose, cough, itchy throat, and sudden bouts of cough are symptoms of the common cold.

  • Respiratory Diseases or Breathing Problem: TB, Allergies, general breathing uneasiness, asthma, lung infections, and pneumonia sinusitis require immediate attention.

  • Endocrine Diseases & Metabolic: Common lifestyle diseases like hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and thyroid create many future medical conditions and your wellbeing.

  • Stomach Infection & Indigestion: Symptoms of stomach infection are diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, general uneasiness, and gas.

  • Other Common Problem: Migraine, Headache, muscular weakness and fatigue are a part of a hectic lifestyle.


Best General Physician in Allahabad

Sprint Medical never fails to treat its patients with the help of best general physician.

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