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If you are reading this page's content, you probably need the help of the best sexologist in Allahabad. Today we will tell you about sexology and the best sexologist in Allahabad.

What is Clinical Sexology?

The study of human relationships and sexual life is called Sexology, and the term used for describing relationship therapies and psychosexual behaviors is termed Clinical Sexology. Sexology is the multifaceted discipline of science that deals with various features related to human sexuality and sexual behavior, such as relationship issues, sexual dysfunction, sexual maturity, STDs, sexual addiction, sexual abuse, puberty, adolescent sexuality, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. Clinical Sexology also covers sexual behaviors among the mentally ill or/and physically challenged person. 

 At Sprint Medical, the Clinical Sexologist takes a bio-psycho-social approach to studying the sexual behavior of patients. As a result, they have thorough knowledge about the spectrum of human sexuality and may help the patient in all the areas where the patient finds difficulty or need more information. 

Sex therapists and sexologists at Sprint Medical are non-judgmental, have a positive approach towards sexual talks, and consider psychological, biological, sociological, anthropological, and historical facts before addressing any sexual issue. In addition, they apply tools from various medical fields such as human physiology, medicine, epidemiology, psychology, and sociology for studying every case and treating them.   

You can now consult the best Clinical Sexologist through Sprint Medical E-Clinics or Online Doctor Consultation from the comfort of your home without traveling to a clinic or a hospital.

Sexologist In Allahabad

Sprint Medical offers you consultation with the best sexologist in Allahabad. Consult with them and get the best treatment. 

Consult the Sexologist for the following issues.


Erectile Dysfunction is one of the common penile disorders that is the inability to maintain or obtain a firm and long-lasting penile erection needed for satisfactory intercourse. This problem is one of the very common male sexual problems and affects every male once in their entire lifetime. About 10 million Indian males are currently affected by Erectile Dysfunction. 

Premature Ejaculation:

It is also referred to as rapid ejaculation, early ejaculation, rapid climax, and premature climax. This happens when the male is reaching orgasm and sheds out semen just after intercourse with minimum stimulation of the penis.


Masturbation is the most misunderstood topic related to Sexology. Masturbation is linked with addiction most of the time, but it is not valid. Not everyone who masturbates is addicted to it. But if you think you have masturbation addictions, then you should consult a good Sexologist without hesitation.

Wet Dream:

Wet dreams or nightfall is a sexual problem in which the semen is automatically ejaculated in sleep. This mostly happens after the person witnesses an erotic dream, but it can sometimes happen without any dream. Having wet dreams more than thrice in a month is a matter of concern and requires immediate treatment.

Syphilis / Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

The infections that can pass from one partner to another through sexual intercourse are called Sexually Transmitted diseases (STD). The causative agent for such kinds of infections can be viruses, bacteria, parasites, or yeast. Many STDs can be cured with proper medication and care, while some, such as HIV, remain persistent throughout life. STIs can be only reduced by having safe sex practices

Male Sexual Problem:

The phase in which a male person does not feel satisfied with the sexual activity comes under this category. It is a severe problem like male infertility due to lack of libido so it needs immediate attention by a good sex specialist. The patient must approach the male sexual doctor without any hesitation and talk about his problems.

Delayed Ejaculation:

In this type of sexual dysfunction, a male person is unable to achieve orgasm despite having sexual stimulation and sexual desire. Usually, a healthy male person reaches orgasm within a few minutes of active sexual intercourse, but a man suffering from delayed ejaculation does not have an orgasm even after prolonged sex for about 45 minutes or so. 


It is a type of sexual disorder in which a person does not experience orgasm despite getting the required stimulation. It is more prevalent in females than males, especially in women who are in their post-menopausal stage. In males, it is related to delayed ejaculation. Anorgasmia can sometimes result in sexual frustration.

Sexual Frustration:

Sexual frustration is the dissatisfaction originating from the differences between a person’s desire and the achieved sex. Its cause may vary from physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and religious barriers. It can also result from various sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, incompatibility, discrepancy, etc.


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