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Benefits of Giloy for Health, Immunity and Skin

Giloy is used for many health benefits, and it has been around for hundreds of years. Here is a brief about the benefits of Giloy on health, Skin, and Immunity.

Benefits of Giloy for Health, Immunity and Skin
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Mazia Ahmed

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  • Summer is here, and the seasonal change can bring illnesses that can also affect our general wellness. To counter this, we have to take certain precautions and tips to improve our health. One of the ways of being healthy and fit is by using natural organic herbs. 

  • Giloy, also known as heart-leaved moonseed (scientific name: Tinospora cordifolia), is an herbaceous plant known for its distinct heart-shaped leaves and is endemic to the subcontinent of India. It is known to have certain phytochemicals in its leaves and stems, making it act as an effective immunity booster and can also be used to treat illnesses.

  • Ayurveda brands giloy as one of the three specialized plants referred to as ‘Amrit’ plants that are essential for health. The other Amrit plants in this category are garlic and haritaki. Amrit means the nectar of gods, and in Sanskrit, giloy is known as ‘amritavalli,' meaning a creeper that imbues the properties in the nectar of Gods. 

Need for Organic Healing

  • Organic food consumption has always been high in India, and there is even a cultural aspect. In the latter part of the last 20 years, westernization has taken over with fast foods. Sugary drinks and artificial additives have affected the current generation quite detrimentally. Experts suggest that these dietary changes can expose a generation to lifestyle and life-altering diseases like diabetes, liver disease, cancer, and obesity-related complications. 

Organic Product
  • In the last decade, organic eating has taken over the globe. With that change, people have stopped taking a rose-tinted view on artificial fast foods. Similarly, natural healing has also resurfaced, with people preferring to treat minor illnesses and gain immunity through natural organic products. Giloy is one of the most sought-after herbs used for a multitude of treatment methods and is indigenous here in India.

How we use Giloy?

  • In old Vedic texts, it is known that giloy can detox the blood, rejuvenate normal functioning and also help boost immunity. It is consumed as a powder, as a juice, or as part of a complex medicinal concoction. We can also see that its extract is used to derive compounds in capsules.

  • In the rural parts of India, they consume it as a juice by grinding the stems and leaves together with an equal portion of water and sieving them. The obtained extract is green in color, and if it is too concentrated, it is diluted for consumption. It has a very particular taste and is predominantly bitter, astringent, and highly pungent.

12 Health Benefits of Giloy

1. Acts as an immunity booster

Immunity Booster

Giloy has recorded benefits in improving longevity, improving and supporting our immunity by providing essential nutrients, and enhancing our memory. It is known to promote the body’s immune system and add vitality to personal life.

2. Respiratory Infections can be forestalled.

In traditional Indian medicine, Giloy has been preferred against common ailments like asthma, bronchitis, and chronic cough. Since Covid-19 has been identified to show COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) symptoms, it would be beneficial to use this herb. Giloy also helps in soothing the mucous membrane, which helps the body’s respiratory system fight against prolonged conditions like COPD and intermittent asthma.

3. Detoxing our body

Detoxing our body helps remove unwanted substances from our body and alleviate the liver's stress. Giloy works as an excellent organic detoxifier. It is known to enhance the health and also the appearance of our skin. The oil of the plant is applied to the affected areas of the skin, and ailments are known to reduce significantly. 

4. Boosts functioning of the liver

Since Giloy can be a good detoxifier, it can also help remove toxins from your liver, thereby returning the normal liver functioning. Our liver also has two major advantages in using Giloy. First, it acts as an effective measure to aid in treating the fatty liver condition. Second, the tissue regeneration in the liver is triggered, and any incurred damage is slowly healed. 

5. Helps in overcoming indigestion

Our stomach is one of the most temperamental body parts, and it can get hyper acidic when our stomach acids get too concentrated, colic when it is upset, or have worms when we eat raw, unhygienic foods. Giloy is a sure way to help solve all these problems.  It also works towards building stronger digestion. It helps us curb conditions like loss of appetite, pain in the abdomen, excessive thirst, and vomiting episodes.

6. Lowering stress and anxiety

How to deal with Anxiety Disorder

Giloy belongs to a class of adaptogenic herbs. These types of herbs help our body to manage stress and anxiety. They usually work by stabilizing our physiological functions. These herbs provide a calming effect to the body. Giloy also can bypass the blood-brain barrier and is known to improve our memory and all cognitive functions.

7. Acting as a rejuvenator

It has the power to increase the body's natural immunity after getting ill or to fight against certain illnesses like flu, jaundice, skin rashes, constipation, and TB.

8. Proving Anti-aging effects

Giloy is also used to make skin lotions that can effectively keep the skin supple and prevent skin diseases. It also has anti-aging wherein is used to treat wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and acne.

9. Anti-Inflammatory applications

The astringent properties of giloy are beneficial for inflammation-related complications. It provides relief for patients who are dealing with inflammatory conditions. It is mainly applied for treating gout and arthritis. Furthermore, clinical studies show that it is known to significantly subside pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

10. Controlling  fever

Giloy is used in regulating high fever, and it helps in lowering the body temperature. It is also used in the effective treatment of intermittent fevers.

11. Aids in Sexual healing

There are many aphrodisiac benefits of giloy mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts. It is known to effectively help various sexual health problems like impotence and also premature ejaculation.

12. Helps improve eyesight

In many parts of India, Giloy is used in improving eyesight. How they do this by applying the extract of the leaves. The leaves or the powder are first boiled. Then they are cooled applying to our eyes.

Giloy in targeted treatment

Ayurvedic medicine teaches us how to manage chronic fever by using Giloy. It has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for treating recurring and even chronic fever. Using it helps in attaining a speedy recovery and also reduces the frequency of the fever.

Benefits of Giloy for Health and Skin

1. Used in treating dengue fever: Giloy helps improve platelets in people affected by dengue fever. It is also helpful in minimizing the chances of complications. Regular intake of Giloy helps to improve immunity during dengue and also for a speedy recovery. It is advised to boil Giloy juice and infuse it with a few Tulsi leaves for better results. This drink is used for increasing the platelet count in dengue patients.

2. Hay fever: Hay fever or allergic rhinitis is treated by using Giloy. Its astringent properties help clear up symptoms like runny nose, any nasal obstructions, stop excessive sneezing, and help stop watering of eyes. For application, it is advised to take ½ teaspoon of the powdered herb and mix it with honey and consume it on an empty stomach.

3. CoronaVirus: A boost in immunity can be useful in facing viral diseases like the coronavirus. Our immunity is an important asset when we face it, as it does not have a cure.  Although there is no evidence proving that the use of any herb like giloy can cure the onset of corona infection, it can surely enhance your immunity. It is advised to take Giloy juice twice per day for 4-6 weeks.

4. Diabetes: Ayurvedic medicine teaches us that using Giloy can help us enhance insulin production and ultimately helps control blood sugar levels in our body. It is also useful for treating complications that arise due to diabetes like kidney problems and ulcers.

Word of Wisdom

All these reasons highlight Giloy as a miracle herb that can be used for many purposes. It can be used to support our immunity and also as a cure for many conditions. As it is naturally found in rural and even urban parts, it is easily accessible. And in the powdered form, it can be purchased from specialized shops.  Including Giloy in our diets may help us to have long-term benefits. 

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