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How to Lose Belly Fat – 25 Proven tips to lose belly fat

Proper Diet, Exercise, Stress management and proper sleep can do wonders to Lose Belly Fat, Sprint Medical shares 25 proven tips to lose belly fat.

How to loose belly fat
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Fats have always earned a bad name for interfering negatively with your fitness goals. These are some of the fats that interfere with your health, especially those belly fats. Belly fats are fats that not only interfere with your health but also your personality. In this article, you will get to know about how to lose belly fat and maintain a flat tummy.  

What is Belly Fat?

  • Excess fat in the abdominal region is called belly fat. Belly fat is considered harmful and a risk factor for many major health issues.

  • The belly fat is made up of visceral fat that cushions the organs present in the abdominal cavity. Too much belly fat can lead to diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart ailments, dementia, cancers (particularly colon cancer and breast cancer), etc. The belly fat does not just accumulate at a spot but it produces lots of harmful end products during its metabolism. 

What Causes Belly Fat?

What Causes Belly Fat

There are many causes of the belly fat but here are some of the common causes,

  • Poor diet

  • Too much alcohol

  • Lack of exercise

  • Stress

  • Genetics

  • Poor sleep

  • Smoking

What is Visceral Fat?

Fats are stored in two kinds in your body – one is the subcutaneous fat and another one is the visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is the one that is stored under the skin but the visceral fats are wrapped by the organs, including the liver and intestines. Visceral fats are very dangerous to the body as it is linked to diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and certain cancers. So, care must be always taken to reduce visceral fats. Here are some of the tips to lose belly fat.

25 Proven Tips to Lose Belly Fat

25 proven tips to lose belly fat

1. Diet

Every weight loss journey boils down to the diet! A good fat reduction involves taking a good and proper diet. Without the blend of the right diet and exercise, you can’t reduce any fat, and belly fat is not an exception.

2. Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Exercises like walking, running, biking, rowing, swimming, and cycling can reduce belly fat pretty fast. Though diet is very much important for the reduction of the fat in the abdomen, you need regular exercise to attain your goals earlier.

3. Stress Management

Having a stressful life takes a huge toll on your body. Stress impacts your sleep, lack of sleep in turn makes your fitness goals tough. Stress can also make you vulnerable to emotional eating which is very harmful to your health.

4. Proper Sleep

You need proper sleep to reduce belly fat. Sleep is much needed for the proper metabolism in your body as it helps in the easy burning of the fats in your body.

5. Cut back on Carbs

Carbohydrates are very much needed for the body to maintain energy reserves but it is also harmful if taken in large. Carbs are those culprits which can play a great role in increasing belly fat. Belly fat can be easily melted down if you focus on cutting back your carbs.

6. Lift Weights

Lifting weights not only reduces your weight but also reduces belly fat. That’s why you need to lift weights along with your regular cardio training. Lifting weights can range from lightweights to heavyweights  

7. Avoid Sugar

You need to avoid sugar if you want to reduce belly fat. Sugars are the major enemies of your weight loss efforts. So, reduce the intake of sugar. 

8. Track Your Food Intake 

Everyone often overeats due to stress or just has the habit of overeating. So, it is always important to remain conscious of your portion sizes so that you don’t end up overeating.

9. Avoid Drinking Fruit Juice

Many people make the mistake of consuming fruit juices instead of eating fresh fruits. Fruit juices are loaded with sugars that can stall all your efforts of reducing belly fat. So, it is always advised to take the fruits rather than the fruit juices. Fruit juices also are devoid of fibers which makes you unaware of the high calories you take in.

10. Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Diet

Adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to the water and drinking it in the morning can help you in reducing belly fat.

11. Probiotic Foods to take a Probiotic Supplement

Probiotic foods containing the strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium can help you in burning the fat in the abdomen region. So, increase the intake of probiotic foods like curd, yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and tempeh if you want to reduce belly fat faster.

12. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting involves giving wide gaps between the meals and eating intermittently. This allows you to burn more calories as the body uses the reserved energy when you fast. Many people are finding this method of reducing fat as an efficient way of reducing weight.

13. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is filled with many antioxidants that can help you to burn fats, especially reduce the visceral fat in the abdomen.

14. Change Your Lifestyle

Make your lifestyle which is very much in sync with your goals of reducing belly fat. You have to develop a healthy lifestyle and food choices that help you in perfecting your way to fitness.

15. Cut Down Beer

Beer is always a bad companion for your weight loss journey. Beers are always been high in calories and so it increases belly fat.

16. Avoid Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Sugars are already harmful to your weight loss plan but having them in the form of beverages makes you less conscious about the number of calories you take in. That’s why one should stay away from sugar-sweetened beverages.

17. Think of Eating Plan

Without the proper eating plan, you would find it very hard to lose belly fat. So, it is recommended to use the proper diet plan prescribed by the dieticians to become successful in reducing the pounds surrounding the belly.

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18. Become a Label Reader

For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you need to know what you are putting inside your system. Before buying anything, go through the labels given in the products so that you can figure out the number of trans fats, carbs, and sugars present in them. This helps you to keep on track about your weight loss goals.

19. Say NO to Processed Foods

Processed foods are the real enemy to your health. It is so much loaded with sugars, salts, and additives that add junk to your system. For reducing belly fat, you must stay away from processed foods. It is the lack of fiber in these processed foods which makes them unfit to consume in case if you are on the journey of reducing belly fat.

20. Hang Out with Health-Focused Friends

The friend circle defines the habits and behaviors as they are the biggest influencers. So, if you hang out with friends who have healthy habits, you would develop a greater affinity for healthy habits that can easily shed those pounds in the belly region.

21. Opt for Foods that Burns Belly Fat

Some foods help you in the easy reduction of belly fat. Oats, barley, apples, flaxseed, capsaicin, cardamom, avocados, and nuts are some of the foods that can burn fats easily.

22. Keto for Belly Fat

Among so many popular diets for the reduction of belly fat, keto is highly recommended by everyone for the effective reduction of carbohydrate and sugar intake. If you follow a well-developed keto diet plan under the direction of a certified dietician, you can easily reduce your belly fat. Keto diets help you in building muscle while reducing fat, thereby improving your overall health.

23. Yoga for Belly Fat

Yoga has been always hailed as the kind of therapy to heal physical and mental issues. But what everyone forgets is that it can also be used as a tool for weight loss. Yoga asanas like cobra pose, bow pose, plank, boat pose, camel pose, and dog pose are considered ideal poses for reducing belly fat.

24. Drink Water for Fat Loss

Water is the ultimate medicine for many diseases. Water is the actual solvent for many metabolic products and it also helps in cleansing the body. Water is also an essential food to reduce hunger pangs as water gives a sense of satiety. Calorie restriction is as important to fat loss as anything. So, this is why you need to take a lot of water so that you can reduce your food intake.

25. Make a Mindset that Helps to lose Belly Fat Fast

Mindset is everything! A weight-loss journey in any form is not simple as following a few tips written in the schedule. It requires raising above the momentary pleasures and also overcoming the cycle of emotional eating. When you eat for your health rather than eating for your taste buds, you can overcome most diseases. And for this, you have to develop a resilient mind. You can also involve yourself in meditations where you can learn the art of controlling your mind.

Impact of Belly Fat Accumulation on Health

Belly fats are always dangerous as they put your health at risk by accumulating huge chunks of fats around your internal organs. This can create health problems like blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, kidney diseases, diabetes, and liver problems.

Take-Home Points

  • Belly fats are considered harmful for the body as they can cause diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, stroke, and cancers.

  • Visceral fats are harmful to your health as they can cause several diseases.

  • There are several tips to lose belly fats like exercise and diet that can help you in achieving a flat tummy. 


FAQ on How to Lose Belly fat

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