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What is a GM Diet? 7 Days GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss

A diet plays an essential role in our life. It defines our lifestyle, overall health, and lots of fundamental things we usually don't take notice of. Here’s all you need to know about GM diets that are planned for weight loss.

What is a GM Diet? 7 Days GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss
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Mazia Ahmed

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  • A diet is defined as the kind of food we are eating daily, the way we are fulfilling our body’s needs. It doesn’t matter whether you eat pizza or any healthy food; all come under your diet. It is an essential part of everyone's lifestyle. When you are looking for a diet that would help in weight loss, you should include all the healthy food. You must follow a healthy diet, including drinking lots of water, eating at least half a plate of vegetables and fruits, avoiding sugary substances, etc. And these all look good when you want a fit body, but when your primary target is weight loss, you have to choose a specific diet because it would not be going to happen easily by following a regular diet.

  • We are often not familiar with a diet called GM Diet (General Motors diet), which is specifically designed for weight loss. So, if your purpose is to lose a few kilograms in just one week, then this diet is best for you. 

  • But before we hop into our main topic, you must know about the difference between a Balance Diet and a GM Diet. 

What is the Difference between a Balance Diet and a GM Diet?

1. Balanced Diet

  • In a balanced diet, you eat food containing calories, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals in the correct proportion. The requirement of all the nutrients of your body would be fulfilled. In simple terms, it is defined as the right food with the correct quantity. Most people follow this one.

  • It meets the daily needs of your body that will be necessary for a healthy life. It works on the overall functioning of the body. 

  • A balanced diet is not explicitly designed for your weight loss, but, yes, it helps get you a fit body. While following this diet, not only weight loss occurs but also your whole body functions properly. It comes with overall fitness that includes meeting all your body's nutritional requirements and works on your robust immune system. But it takes lots of time to get your weight loss result.

  • For example, if you want to follow a balanced diet, you need to include all the nutritious foods such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, nuts and oils, milk and milk products, legumes, lean meat, eggs, etc., in a required amount every day in your diet.

 What is a GM Diet? GM Diet Plan for India

2. GM Diet or General Motors Diet

  • GM Diet (General Motors Diet) is defined as a diet in which you take fewer calories than your body needs to lose weight. You are not going to eat everything here, just only that food which is low in calories. 

  • It is specifically designed for those who want to lose weight in less time. This diet is not as easy as a balanced diet. In a balanced diet, you can eat as many nutrients as you want except fat in a required amount. But here, you have to follow a strict plan that includes food with fewer calories in them. This kind of diet contains high water content like vegetables and fruits that would promote weight loss and are suitable for your body. 

  • This diet is divided into seven days of strict plan where you have to follow this diet on each day. 

3 Benefits of General Motors Diet

1. It is beneficial in achieving weight loss goals. You are allowed to consume only that food rich in vitamins and minerals, whereas calories are avoided here. You can lose up to 7 kg with just a seven days strict diet plan. 

2. This diet will help you remove any toxic or impure material from your body if present. 

3. GM diet plays a vital role in digestion. As the food in this diet is abundant in water, you know that water is mandatory for good digestion. 

3 Drawbacks of General Motors Diet

1. This is a strict diet where only that food is included which has to have more water content, vitamins, and minerals like fruits and veggies. In such a case, most people get weak as they are not providing the essential nutrients to their bodies. 

2. The nutrient deficiency is going to last longer in this case.

3. This is a strict diet plan, and it is a bit difficult to add this diet to our daily routine. 

7 Day GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss

An Indian meal is healthy, and you can find variety in those meals. And the main benefit of following Indian meals for your GM diet is they are readily available at home. 

1. Day 1: You are only allowed to eat fruits like apple or guava, any fruits which contain water, and drink at least 15 glasses of water and add salad to your lunch.

2. Day 2: You have to eat vegetables on the second day.

3. Day 3: Fruits and vegetable must be in your diet.

4. Day 4: You will eat bananas at least 8 to 10 and drink milk.

5. Day 5: Tomatoes and brown rice with vegetables.

6. Day 6: Vegetables like carrot plus bowl of brown rice and you can add chicken in your diet if you want to.

7. Day 7: Apple or orange juice, one cup of brown rice with veggies, soup full of vegetables must be added. 

7 Day GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss
  • For varieties, you can add other spices as you like. It’d be best if you try different salads mixed with a variety of veggies to refresh your mood.

  • You can add any vegetables or fruits to your diet if you want to and decide your schedule in the way you found effective with your lifestyle. Most of us are doing the job, and it all becomes easy when you know when to eat and what to eat according to your schedule.

Top 4 Do’s and Don’ts in GM Diet

To work on this diet properly, you should remember some dos and don’ts that is required to follow:

Top 4 Do’s

1. Include fruits and veggies in your diet as much as you can

2. The diet must include at least 10 to 15 glasses of water each day.

3. Eat healthy food as much as you can, like soup, brown rice, etc.

4. You should follow this diet diligently to get good results.

Top 5 Don’ts

1. Avoid eating sugary substances in this diet

2. Don't continue this diet after seven days or at least take a gap if you don't get the result that much.

3. Alcohol and cigarette consumption are avoided.

4. This diet is not suitable for pregnant women, children, older people, or diabetes patients. 

5. Avoid taking dry fruits during this diet. 

 What is a GM Diet? GM Diet Plan for India

Is this Really Effective?

  • One question that is there in everyone’s mind is whether it is an effective method or not? Most of the people who have done this say that this is an effective means to lose weight in less time. It is practical when you follow the diet strictly and follow each and everything added to your diet, not only one day but all seven days. 

  • Initially, it will be difficult for you to follow such a routine, but this will become a part of your life as you will start to follow. You will then become used to it. 

  • You can lose up to 4 to 5 kg by following this diet. This is worth doing, as it said that you need to go through some tough challenges for achieving any target, and this is the same here as well.

Word of Wisdom

  • As the final part, this diet will be possible to follow if you aim to lose belly fat or the overall weight, but in the case when your lifestyle doesn't permit it, or you know that you cannot take it, then there is no need to do this diet.

  • It’s not going to work for pregnant women, growing children, or older people.  This will be riskier for them. So, one should not follow if you are either of them.

  • After seven days of sticking to this diet, you should stop continuing it as it will not be suitable for your health. 

  • After following this kind of diet, you could feel tired, headache, and weak, that’s why you stop this diet just after seven days. 

  • It is helpful for those individuals who want some discipline in life and those who couldn’t control their eating habits. It will be a kind of adventure for them, but for.


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