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8 Best Diet Foods to Manage High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Hypertension refers to a condition when the blood pressure in a human being is relatively high. In adverse cases, hypertension can even lead to damage to arteries.

8 Best Diet Foods to Manage High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
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What is Hypertension?

  • Hypertension refers to a condition when the blood pressure in a human being is relatively high. In adverse cases, hypertension can even lead to damage to arteries. The muscle of the heart thickens and increases its size as it has to pump a significant amount of blood. Hypertension is not an immediate condition, but it takes years to get developed. In many cases, if the problem of hypertension remains unattended, the risk of heart failure and stroke rises to a significant level. Hypertension, if diagnosed and treated timely, can be cured appropriately.

  • The busy life around us today has led to many worries in our daily lives. The fluctuation in blood pressure is a common phenomenon that is seen among people of all generations. Hypertension can broadly be classified into two different types, i.e., Primary Hypertension and Secondary Hypertension. The causes of Primary Hypertension are generally natural, like aging, genetics, etc., while the causes of Secondary Hypertension are mostly artificial, like excessive alcohol, obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, use of drugs, existing diseases related to kidneys, etc.

  • The symptoms of Hypertension are mild heart attack, dispersed vision, high blood pressure, fatigue, headache, etc. If these symptoms arise in an individual, it is recommended to consult a doctor and take the necessary steps so that the problem of hypertension gets eliminated from the root.

  • There are several ways to cure Hypertension, most of which are natural and don’t require any rocket science or special knowledge. Exercising and adding physical activities like running to your routine can prove out to be highly beneficial for Hypertensive patients. Avoiding alcohol or limiting it can be useful for the patients as alcohol easily boosts the level of blood pressure. The consumption of junk food must be controlled in the present generation as it is one of the primary causes of Hypertension.

  • Diet plays an important role in one’s daily life, and a healthy one can help to prevent evils like Hypertension. DASH Diet is one of the well-known ways that can help curb the problem of Hypertension. DASH is an abbreviation for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. A large number of studies have shown that consuming a healthy diet can lower the level of blood pressure. DASH Diet comprises vegetables (4-5 servings), fruits (4-5 servings), lean meat (2 or fewer servings), grains (7-8 servings), and low-fat milk (2-3 servings). The quantity of calcium, magnesium, and protein is up to the mark in DASH Diet. It majorly neglects dessert items, carbonated and sweetened beverages, unhealthy fats, processed poultry, etc. Here are some of the food products that must be added to the daily diet of people suffering from hypertension: Here is the list of the best diet foods to manage high blood pressure or Hypertension.

8 Best Diet Foods for Hypertension

1. Pumpkin Seeds

Packed with a punch of nutrients, pumpkin seeds have been successful in controlling the situation of hypertension. Amino acids, arginine, magnesium can be found in these seeds.

Dietary Management of Hypertension 1

2. Essential Herbs

Spices and Herbs have been a natural part of Indian food as they have several health benefits along with great taste. Cinnamon, ginger, garlic, basil, lemongrass, etc. can be highly beneficial for people suffering from hypertension

3. Lentils and Beans

These help in the regulation of blood pressure as they are rich in fiber and potassium. These nutrients help in lowering blood pressure.

4. Berries

Strawberries, Blueberries, Cranberries are enriched with antioxidants that help in normalizing high blood pressure. Berries should be a part of the daily diet.

5. Carrots

Caffeic and chlorogenic acids help in maintaining an ideal level of blood pressure. Carrot is a great source of these nutrients and helps in regulating the BP level in humans.

6. Greek Yogurt

It is considered as one of the wonderful dairy products as it is loaded with essential minerals, calcium, potassium that are greatly helpful in regulating an optimum amount of blood pressure.

Dietary Management of Hypertension 2

7. Spinach

Spinach, as we all know, is an excellent source of iron, antioxidants, nitrates and is ideal for high BP patients.

8. Citric Fruits

Fruits like oranges can be highly beneficial as they consist of essential vitamins and minerals that support the lowering of high blood pressure. Citric fruits must be consumed by hypertension sufferers regularly.

Word of Wisdom

Transforming the diet of an individual who is facing the problem of Hypertension can prove to be highly beneficial as this concept is proven by scientists across the globe. By following a strict DASH Diet or consuming the items mentioned above, a person can exhibit the signs of early improvement. The bottom line is that hypertensive patients must abstain from things like packaged food items, carbonated drinks like soda, sweetened products, and fried food.

Apart from changing the lifestyle and following a particular regime, keeping a watch on the dietary intake can help the patient to tackle the problem of high blood pressure or Hypertension.

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