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Top 10 blood pressure monitors in India

Best blood pressure machine helps to prevent the risk of heart diseases caused by high BP; the use of the top 10 blood pressure monitors is discussed here.

Top 10 blood pressure monitors in India
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Before jumping into the selection of the best blood pressure monitors in India, you need to understand what BP is.

What is blood pressure?

Different bp readings

The pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of the blood vessels or the pressure exerted by the heart to pump the blood into the circulatory system is defined as blood pressure. 

  • Blood pressure is usually determined as systolic pressure over diastolic pressure in the cardiac cycle. 

  • The highest pressure in arteries at the end of the cardiac cycle when the ventricles are contracting is called systolic pressure.

  • The minimum pressure that exists in the arteries at the beginning of the cardiac cycle when the ventricles are filled with blood is called diastolic pressure.

  • The cardiac cycle is the time interval between one heartbeat to the initiation of the next heartbeat. 

  • Blood pressure is denoted in the terms of millimeters of mercury (mmHg). The normal resting blood pressure is 120/ 80 mmHg when measured using the best pressure machine.

How to check blood pressure with the blood pressure monitors?

How to check blood pressure with the blood pressure monitors

In general, a healthcare professional will measure your blood pressure noninvasively (without any incision) by listening through a stethoscope. 

A stethoscope helps to hear the sounds in the artery as the arteries are squeezed towards the heart by an aneroid gauge or mercury tube of a body pressure machine.

What is the best blood pressure machine in India?

A device that helps to measure the body’s blood pressure accurately is called a blood pressure monitor or a Sphygmomanometer. The machine which serves at least some of your requirements can be called the best blood pressure machine.

A sphygmomanometer is made of an inflatable cuff, a measuring unit, and a mechanism for inflation which may be manually or electrically operated bulb and valve.

You are now aware of a blood pressure monitor and how to use it. But do you know the right time to measure blood pressure? Find out here below:

What is the optimal time to measure blood pressure?

Your blood pressure will fluctuate throughout the day. So, it is advised to measure your blood pressure at least twice a day using one of the top 10 blood pressure monitors in India.

Remember to measure at the same time every day. Your doctor may advise you to take the first measurement in the morning before eating and the second measurement before you go to bed at night.

Your blood pressure will be the lowest in the morning and will be the highest in the evening as you do all the daily activities. 

Now you know when and how to measure blood pressure at home. Now let’s find out how many types of blood pressure monitors India has and which is best for usage.

What are the types of blood pressure monitors?

There are different types of blood pressure monitors available which can be operated manually or with automatic digital meters. Depending on the convenience one can opt for any of the top 10 blood pressure monitors in India.

1. Manual blood pressure machine

For a manual blood pressure machine, a stethoscope is required for auscultation (listening heartbeat). Manual measurement helps to obtain a palpitation reading of systolic pressure. 

Mercury blood pressure machine is considered a high standard. It is believed that a manual body pressure machine gives a perfect and accurate measurement of blood pressure.

Mercury blood pressure machine is considered best for physicians as it gives accurate results, so no need to recalibrate. 

Because of their accuracy mercury body pressure machine is used in clinical trials and for the evaluation of heart rate in high-risk patients.

Mercury causes environmental hazards due to its toxic nature, so the mercury body pressure machine is going to get banned soon.

2. Aneroid blood pressure machine

An aneroid blood pressure machine consists of a spring device and metal membrane. The metal membrane helps to forward the signals from the cuff and moves the gauge needle. 

The movement is so easy as the aneroid body pressure machine does not have any liquid. It comes at an affordable price and is compact. 

Mostly used in clinics and requires a lot of maintenance. A limitation is, it needs to be calibrated regularly to avoid inaccurate readings.

3. Digital blood pressure machine

Digital blood pressure monitor comes with an automatic operation system. These are travel-friendly with lightweight and more compact nature. 

The digital body pressure machine can be a bit expensive to buy. It can store the previous readings making it easy to compare fluctuations. 

Need more practice to use and can tend to give inaccurate readings due to body movements. 

Before buying the best bp machine in India you need to understand what categorizes the best blood pressure machine in India. The qualities you need to check before buying a BP monitor in India are:

How to choose the best bp machine, India?

The factors to look in before purchasing a blood pressure machine in India are:


If you buy a body pressure machine that does not give accuracy, the money will be in vain. So, check the accuracy of the body pressure machine before you decide to purchase it. 

The accuracy is measured based on the systolic blood pressure; it has to be within 10 points of the machine.

WHO or any approved medical organization will approve the accurate best bp machine in India. You can even select the top 10 bp machines in India based on approved brand or trusted authorization institutions.

Fitting of cuff

The cuff size should be large enough to inflate and deflate the arm with ease. If the cuff size is too small, a mark or irritation of the skin occurs. If the cuff is too large, the readings won’t be accurate. 

The best bp machine in India has a cuff size of 22-26cm for small arm size; 27-34cms for average arm size; 35-44cms for large arm size.

You can measure your arm size from your elbow to shoulders using tape at home. 

Currently, the new blood pressure monitors come with adjustable cuff size that almost fits everyone.

User friendly

A user-friendly blood pressure machine will be easy to use for all ages, even for elder people. Make sure you buy the best blood pressure machine of India that is one hand operated.

The LCD digital screen should be of bright lights and easily visible without the use of glasses.


The size of the best bp machine of India should not be too large and occupy more space. The best pressure machine will be lightweight and travel-friendly. Some top blood pressure monitors will also come with a pouch or a bag to prevent damage.

Brand and clinical validation

A clinically validated best bp machine in India will give you accurate readings. Selecting brands that have top blood pressure monitors helps you avoid some fieldwork. Top 10 blood pressure monitors in India can be trusted for warranty, accuracy and good service life.

Storage space

What is the use of buying a blood pressure monitor when you can’t evaluate the fluctuations in blood pressure? 

Good enough storage space helps you store the previous blood pressure readings so that you can compare them with the present day’s blood pressure readings. 

Having enough memory allows you to store the readings of more than one person. Better storage space helps to cut the expense of buying two blood pressure machines. Top blood pressure monitors can be used by four users at a time.

Irregular heartbeat

Buying the best body pressure monitors that can measure irregular heartbeats is beneficial. With the best blood pressure machine, you can easily evaluate the fluctuating heart rate. 

This type of body pressure machine will be more helpful for heart patients.


Sensors that can detect your body movement while measuring blood pressure and indicate it in the display will help you from making inaccurate measurements. Most of the best blood pressure monitors in India come with this technology.

Even a wrong cuff pressure is also indicated on the display to get an accurate reading in a best bp machine of India.


The best blood pressure monitor in India can cost you between Rs 1500 to 3000. But pay more attention to the brand, clinical validation, and warranty before purchasing a body pressure machine.

Top 10 blood pressure monitors in India

Top 10 blood pressure monitors in India

To control your blood pressure along with medicines and diet control you need to evaluate the fluctuations in your blood pressure. The top 10 blood pressure machines will have good quality and accuracy. If you are planning to buy the best blood pressure monitor, India here are some best pressure machines available for you 

There are various top 10 blood pressure monitors in India based on your budget, warranty, and purpose.

Here below is a list of the top 10 blood pressure machines. You can search for the top 10 bp machines in India by searching google for the blood pressure testing machine near me.

1. Omron HEM 7120 BP Machine

Omron HEM 7120 fully automatic digital is one of the best blood pressure monitors in India. You can easily carry this bp monitor, even while traveling. Omron has one of the  best bp apparatus in India that works based on the oscillometric principle.

It measures the blood pressure based on the oscillations of blood flow, this method helps for accuracy and better understanding. Besides blood pressure and pulse rate, it also determines irregular heartbeat. 

The technology used in the Omron blood pressure monitor, India is IntelliSense. The personalized cuff size option makes it more comfortable for usage. The correct cuff wrapping helps to get accurate results by controlling the inflation.


  • Provides accurate measurement 

  • Can be reliable 

  • One-touch operation


  • Fast battery consumption


  • IntelliSense technology

  • wrapping technology 

  • 3 years warranty 

  • Medium cuff size

  • Oscillometric principle

2. Dr. Morepen Bp02 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, India

With the use of inflation technology, it comes in a budget where everyone can measure blood pressure readings. The inflation technology helps to avoid pain during cuffing. It also helps in preventing pain or markings on the skin which makes it the one of the best bp apparatus in India. 

The operation is easy, at the same time it has a well-designed modern technology keeping old users in mind. The systolic and diastolic blood pressure can be monitored along with the detection of irregular heartbeats. 

The display is large enough and the indicator is bright and readable. It is so lightweight that you can carry it in your purse with ease. A smart indicator in the device helps you recognize when the cuff is not placed properly. 

This smart technology helps to get accurate measurements. This blood pressure monitor can store data up to 120 readings, to store the readings of two users. This high-capacity memory helps you to avoid buying two devices. This is one of the best blood pressure monitors in India with good storage capacity.


  • Less cuff pressure

  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight

  • Travel-friendly 


  • May display wrong readings when the battery is too low


  • Usage of the oscillometric method

  • Inflation technology that provides comfort

  • 120 readings storage capacity

  • User friendly

  • Large display

3. Dr. Trust Smart Dual Talking BP Machine/BP Monitor

Dr. trust blood pressure monitor, India is another one of the best blood pressure monitors in India. The talking option has made this one of the best bp machines in India - it tells out the readings present on the display in spoken English. 

The BP machine also has the facility to change the language into Hindi. The operation of the machine is fully automatic with dual talking technology. You can even mute the talking option if you don’t want the machine to read the measurements. 

This top 10 blood pressure machine also helps to detect irregularities and also heart rate. The pumping technology of this top 10 blood pressure machine helps to prevent over pumping, which promotes comfort to the user and increases the machine’s performance. 

The black display with zebra lights helps to maintain clear visibility. Because of the MID (Measurement During Inflation) technology the results are so fast without any delay. MID technology helps to check body pressure during inflation so that there is no need to deflate to measure the blood pressure.

The studies report that MID technology of this BP machine is best, as it does not apply pressure when the arm is cuffed. So, there will be no pain. This feature makes this BP monitor more ideal for elder people or someone who doesn’t tolerate cuff pressure. 

Dr trust blood pressure machine has high saving data that it can store up to 120 readings. So that you can monitor and compare each day’s blood pressure.


  • The dual-language technology 

  • No pressure cuffing 

  • Can save more readings 

  • Fully automatic and accurate measurements


The more storage readings may take time to display


  • Extra-wide cuff 

  • MID technology 

  • Audio display readings 

  • Good LCD indicator 

  • Can be used with a battery and adapter

4. Omron HEM 6161 automatic wrist blood pressure monitor

Omron HEM 6161 is a fully automatic wrist blood pressure monitor. This blood pressure monitor is supposed to be worn on your wrist. The omron HEM 6161 is one of the best blood pressure monitors in India among wrist wrap blood pressure machines.

This new blood pressure monitor uses the oscillometric method to measure blood pressure.

The inflation technology used in the monitor senses the pressure pulsations of the artery underneath the cuff; the pulse is measured by this blood pressure monitored or called oscillometric pulses.

The readings are displayed on the electronic pressure sensor display. This machine can also detect irregular heartbeats. If the heartbeat rhythm is varied by more than 25% from the average heartbeat rhythm it is detected as irregular heartbeat. This can be shown even while measuring blood pressure.

The heartbeat symbol will appear on the display if there are presents of an irregular heartbeat rhythm. No result is shown if the irregular heartbeats cause inaccurate measurements. The device comes with four batteries and the user manual.


  • Intellisense technology is used for fast and accurate results

  • Can store up to 30 previous readings

  • Cuff wrapping method is used

  • Irregular heartbeat detection


Can show inaccurate measurements


  • Quick start

  • Portable easy to operate

  • Wrist wrapping method

5. Omron HEM 7124 digital blood pressure monitor

The omron HEM 7124 digital blood pressure monitor is one of the best blood pressure monitors in India that comes with easy application. The one-touch operation helps everybody with no experience in operating electronics or technologies.

The machine comes lightweight, uncomplicated and has intellisense technology. The large LCD with bright light makes it easy to read even with less light. You don’t need any specs to see the blood pressure reading. 

The motion detector in the device helps you indicate when you move your body. The comfortable arm press allows pre-setting and re-inflation helping for accurate results. This pre-setting option is present only in a few best blood pressure monitors in India as of now.

The machine can evaluate irregular heartbeats and also allows you to detect change in the blood pressure including hypertension. A hypertension indicator is present.

The machine can be operated with batteries or a USB charger. The latex-free cuff material used in the inflation helps to avoid skin irritation in sensitive skin.


  • Latex-free cuff

  • Intellisense technology

  • Large display

  • Better visibility of readings

  • USB charger


  • No memory storage

  • Small size wrist wrap


  • Motion sensor to detect body movements

  • Display big enough to read

  • Three years warranty

  • Hypertension indicator

6. Dr. Morepen BP-09 fully automatic BP monitor 

It is a simple device that serves your purpose efficiently. It is a user-friendly device that helps you prevent health hazards like heart attacks. 

The reading provided will be the average of three blood pressure readings which ensures that there is no inaccurate measurement. The accurate readings help you to detect  hypertension at an early stage.

Also provided with a button that inflates and deflates with just one press; the digital display is big enough and easily visible.

The Dr.Morepen BP-09 comes with a low battery indicator. This feature is part of most best blood pressure monitors in India. It can store upto 120 readings and can detect irregular heart rate.

This large storage capacity helps to include 4 users in one machine. Left of the display is indicated with WHO standard blood pressure classification.


  • Shows irregular heartbeat

  • Can be used by four members

  • Detects pulse rate


  • Cannot be charged

  • Clears the previous measurement in the records if the storage is full

  • No AC adapter


  • Lithium metal battery

  • Indicates low battery

  • Manages pressure of299 mmHg

  • Who blood pressure indicator

7. Dr Trust fully automatic digital blood pressure monitor

Dr Trust blood pressure monitor connects with Bluetooth. It is very helpful for the elders at home to be able to measure and record blood pressure wirelessly.

This allows you to share blood pressure and heart rate with your doctor at any time. It is easy to use and can be connected to your Android or iOS device through Bluetooth and sync the data like the pulse rate systolic and diastolic pressures with date, time and user identity.

It has a storage capacity of 120 readings which helps to store the readings of two users. Battery low indication and automatic turn-off feature help in power saving.

With a one-touch operation, it comes with MID technology. It can be charged with a mobile charger cable or power bank or batteries. The cuff size is extra wide with 22 to 42 cm large.


  • Connect with Dr trust app

  • Works with mobile charger and power bank

  • Extra-large cuff and display

  • Storage capacity for two users

  • Portable device


  • Can take time to show the previous readings

  •  Difficulty to turn off due to the automatic technology


  • MID technology

  • Bluetooth mode

  • Easy to share the readings

  • Can be charged with USB power bank

  • Easy track of data

  • Extra-wide cuff

8. Omron most advance 360o accuracy digital blood pressure machine

Accuracy is one of the most important requirements in the best blood pressure monitors. The use of a regular cuff can give inaccurate results due to improper placement. This Omron blood pressure monitor has a new IntelliSense technology with 360-degree accuracy which helps you to maintain consistent and precise readings.

The cuff wrap is comfortable and the design allows a close fit with tapered ends. This blood pressure machine is easy to wear with one hand.

The omron 360o blood pressure monitor can store up to 60 readings. The IntelliSense technology helps to detect heart rate and hypertension. The device is provided with the hypertension indicator and a sensor for body movement detection. It gives the value based on 3 average readings measured.


  • New Intelli wrap technology

  • 360o accuracy cuff

  • Intuitive and comfortable cuff

  • One touch operation


  • No charger cable

  • Less durable


  • 360-degree accuracy with IntelliSense technology

  • Body movement detection

  • Hypertension indicator

  • Storage capacity of 60 readings

  • Cuff wrapping guide

9. Beurer BM 35 BP Machine Blood pressure Monitor 

This is a German-made automatic blood pressure monitor which has the best durability and quality along with a warranty. The readings on the LCD are most convenient to read. 

The normal blood pressure is mentioned on the left side of the display for a better understanding. This blood pressure monitor will detect any severe fluctuations in the heart so it is well opting for those who have heart diseases. 

With the capacity to store 120 readings you can easily use it for more than one user. The cuff size is very big to fit different arm sizes. The adjustment of the cuff gives you a comfortable blood pressure measuring experience. 

The sensor in the monitor gives you an indication if the cuff is not properly positioned. A button to regulate (on and off) the application is provided. This helps to minimize the wastage of battery or power. It gives you an indication to charge if the battery is low for further use.


  • Bright and big enough display

  • Lightweight

  • Less 

  • Can detect pulse and heart rate fluctuations


  • The previous readings may be incorrect when checked back

  • May cause skin irritation


  • German-made technology

  • Low battery indicator

  • 5-year warranty

  • Multiple users

10. Rossmax GB102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

It is one of the best blood pressure monitors in India with aneroid technology. It comes at an affordable price, it is compact and easy to use. 

You will get a stethoscope with it so that you can hear the heartbeat. It is optional but can be helpful for a medical professional. 

The heartbeats are so clear for auscultation, making blood pressure readings so accurate and favorable for use. 

It has four layers of insulation on both sides. This provides comfort and safety. A chrome-plated brass air release valve is present. 

Latex-free material is used to make cuffs ensuring comfort for sensitive skin. The cuff size is big enough to stretch and fit each arm size. To assist in the positioning of the cuff and to prevent inaccurate measurements an artery mark is provided. 

A soft and black user-friendly pouch is provided which makes it travel-friendly. It is a highly affordable and durable blood pressure monitor.


  • Latex-free cuff

  • Durable

  • Affordable

  • Stethoscope is provided

  • Readable display


  • Manual working 

  • Absence of modern technology


  • Maintains accuracy

  • It comes in a big bag

  • Four layers of insulation 

Take home points

  • Purchase one of the best blood pressure monitors from the list of top 10 bp machines in India.

  • Best BP monitors in India or any country should be easy to use, have good warranty, be clinically validated, travel-friendly, and be USB operated.

  • Get the best pressure machine that has enough cuff size.

  • Follow the steps in the manual provided to achieve accurate readings.

  • Buy a body pressure machine that has a large memory.

FAQ on top 10 blood pressure monitors in India

1. What is high blood pressure?

Ans. High blood pressure is also known as hypertension, is a condition where the blood pressure is more than normal i.e., above 140/90 mmHg.

2. What is low BP?

Ans. Low BP is the condition where your blood pressure is below the normal body pressure; also known as hypotension. Usually, it ranges as 90/60 mmHg.

3. Does pulse oximeter measure BP?

Ans. A pulse oximeter is also used to detect blood pressure that can be 95% accurate. To get complete accuracy it is best to use a blood pressure machine.

4. Which is the best blood pressure machine in India- manual or digital?

Ans Manual machine gives more accurate reading but cannot be used by the layperson. Even if measured cannot be accurate as a professional; so, it is better to go for an automatic machine.

5. What causes change in the blood pressure?

Ans. Food habits, exercise, stressful work, alcohol, medicines, heart diseases, coffee can cause fluctuations in BP.


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