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Why does my Knee Click?

What does it mean by knee clicking? Have you ever experienced it before? Is it one of the symptoms of a broken bone? You are about to find the answers to these questions here in this article.

Why does my Knee Click?
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  • When we say my knee clicks, what does it mean? It means that your knee is producing a sound that is similar to clicking or popping.  You are not the only one who is experiencing this. This is normal most of the time. 

  • So it's not one of the conditions you feel concerned about. It can go away quickly but not get permanently cured. If you think there is a permanent solution for this knee-clicking and popping thing, this is not entirely true. But yet, there are temporary solutions for solving this problem. 

  • However, this is not even a problem that you are worried about. This is normal, like burping, yawning, etc. Though, it might irritate you if it is frequently happening.

  • Most people take this as one of the symptoms of a fractured bone. But this is not the typical case. It may be frightening if knee clicking and popping sound is associated with swelling, paining, instability of joints, etc. Suppose you feel any of these when your knee catches, then there might be a need to see a doctor. In such a case, the doctor will do proper check-ups and will prescribe you a suitable treatment for its cure. Other than this, there is no reason for concern here.

  • When you feel the pain that results longer than any normal knee clicking pain, then it might be a possibility that you are facing some other issues. Even though it seems like a normal knee noise condition, being ignorant about this will not work out. You shouldn't take this as usual when you feel lots of pain or tiredness after doing some work. 

  • Before we see the treatment of knee clicking and popping sounds, we need to understand its causes. What exactly are the reasons behind this unusual sound that comes from inside our knees? Why does this clicking sound occur?

  • There might be so many causes behind this sound that you may even notice in your day-to-day life. They are not that serious, though. But there are some causes that shouldn't be neglected. We will see what causes are not problematic for you and what are not. 

Why does my knee click?

6 Primary Causes of Knee-click?

1. Formation of bubbles

  • In so many cases, this will be one of the causes of having a knee click or popping sound. Bubbles are formed within the fluid inside your joints. These bubbles are no other than nitrogen gas. And these make noise when they burst off. 

  • This is normal as other areas in your body do clicking or popping sounds like your fingers. This whole phenomenon is termed Cavitation.

2. Snapping of Ligaments and Tendons

  • They are soft connective tissues that connect bone to bone or muscle to bone and are present inside our kneecap. These are involved in the movement of knee joints. When they snap for some reason, then the noise produces. 

  • But again, this is normal because it can happen to everyone. It is easy to recognize this one as sometimes, your knee clicks just by stretching.  In this condition, you don’t feel pain though the only sound is there.

3. Injuries

  • Going through any injury is one of the critical and severe conditions in this case. Because, in this, there is a possibility that your knee injury isn't healed and needs proper care. You can't ignore this one. 

  • Previous injuries can be one of the causes of knee clicking pain. 

6 Primary Causes of Knee-click?

4. Surgery

In the past, if you had gone through any knee surgery like knee replacement or other, then it is likely that some tissues are not properly healed and need more time.

5. Torn out of Meniscus

A cushion called menisci covers our knee joints and protects them from any mechanical shocks from outside. So in case of any injury, especially sports injuries, stress, and strain can cause a meniscus tear off. So this might be the reason for your intolerable pain. 

6. Aging

Because of this aging factor, you might feel that your knee joints are not as potent as earlier. In this, the cartilage bone of the knee that provides strength to your knee joints often gets changed, and it becomes thinner and weaker as you grow old. This phenomenon is termed osteoarthritis.

5 Top Treatments associated with this?

Mostly, in so many cases, it doesn't need any proper treatment. Still, with instances where sound is related to pain, swelling, or any other external changes, good care would be required under doctor observation.

Treatment of knee clicking includes:


  • It is the best treatment as you can do it at your home. It involves Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. When knee clicking leads to pain that you can bear, this might be an effective way to relax the muscles. 

  • This treatment will work efficiently if the cause of knee pain is related to aging or snapping of ligaments or tendons. In case of injuries, it plays a role like a temporary solution.

2. Medication

In case when there is injury or unbearable pain, you should go to your doctor for advice. He probably gives you some anti-inflammatory drugs that can provide you relief from the pain. 

3. Physiotherapy Treatment

  • It is the best after RICE, as this is a natural treatment where you have to see a physiotherapist. He then sees your condition and starts physiotherapy according to your need. 

  • The most effective way to get your knee joints healed is to take physiotherapy sessions. 

5 Top Treatments associated with this?

4. Splinting

It is a rare case where you need to get a plaster. This treatment is necessary for fixing the broken bone. In this case, as your cartilage bone is affected, so you get proper treatment with medication from your doctor. 

5. Surgery

It is rarest of all, as it involves minor surgery that won’t be serious. This treatment will be advised when you have gone through knee replacement surgery. Yet there is less chance that your doctor can advise this.  

4 Major Precautions of Knee-click?

However, there are not as many precautions you could take to avoid this condition. These are normal in many cases. However, you can take some measures and make some changes in your lifestyle. 

Following the same lifestyle should not be your call. Any disease or disorder affects the body due to the lifestyle. Here are some cautions you could take:

1. Exercise

  • Physical inactiveness is one of the important reasons why people face issues related to muscles and bones. At least 15 minutes of exercise for adults and 30 minutes for teens or kids a day should be advisable from the doctor as well.

  • You must add this to your daily routine, like food. Do physical activity like walking, running, etc., as your body requires stretching.

2. Weight Managing

Overweight is one of the cases where you feel the whole burden is on your knees. Manage your weight by taking a proper diet, do physical exercise, drink water instead of soft drinks, etc. 

4 Major Precautions of Knee-click?

3. Physical Therapy

Even if your knee is not painful, you should get your physiotherapy session once a week as it relaxes your muscles, and if you are 30 plus, it must be included in your daily routine. 

4. Proper Diet

Most people think that their weight will be managed if they don't eat food, but that is not right. You need to take all the nutrients that a body needs. Any deficiency can lead to worse conditions. So you need to have a proper diet.

Word of Wisdom

  • The best part of this whole knee clicking or popping sound is that it does not always mean that it is a critical situation. When you feel pain, swelling, or stiffness, it might be the situation for you. Going to the doctor is not everyone's preference, but if you feel uneasiness or pain for days, then it should be the better option that you need to do. A doctor can see and suggest the proper treatment. 

  • But first, try to get relief at your home by doing the RICE treatment. If, after these as well, you are not getting any relief from your pain, then you must see your doctor. 

  1. Remember to always try to get physically active as in these days when everyone is at their home or desk job is popular among teenagers, physical stillness would happen. Doing exercise must be one of the daily routines that you should follow. 


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