Online Doctor consultation
Online Doctor Consultation via Video Call and Audio | Nurse Assisted
Sprint Medical provides Online Doctor consultation with Nurse Assistance on video and audio call for better communication between patient and Doctor.

Online Doctor consultation

Sprint medical's Online Video and audio consultation is always a three-way Doctor consultation. A Patient, a Nurse for assistance, and a Doctor so that the communication gap is minimum and a trained nurse is always ready to bridge the communication gap and assist Doctor with the relevant patient query. We ensure that we provide top-quality online medical consultations to our patients. Therefore, delivering the highest patient care experience. Moreover, You can always freely ask Doctor online for queries related to the disease while consulting with Doctor online or consulting with our Doctors in one of our E-Clinic.

Here is How we do it:

  • Book Online Doctor consultation with Nurse Assistance using Book Now button.

  • Get a Doctor consultation with Super Speciality Doctors.

  • Receive treatment and Diet plan with full explanation and follow-ups from our trained staff.

One of the trained Nurse will contact you and help you get the right Doctor for your consultation. We will ask for your previous diagnostics reports. You can book online appointment with doctor from your home.

Online assistant will set up an appointment with our super specialty Doctors and assist you with the process; We will create your case history and connect you with our Doctor on video conference, You can chat with Doctors online freely, and patient-doctor confidentiality will be maintained; after your consultation, we will provide e-prescription, if required we will collect lab samples and initiate your pharmacy delivery. Some virtual appointments can be accessed through a simple, secure link sent via text message or email that will take you directly to a video conference. 

Once you've set up a doctor's appointment, make sure that you'll have internet access and specific technology available at that time. For a video call, you should use either a computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you're having trouble, you should try audio calling, texting, or emailing our Sprint Medical Number, which can guide you through the process and help you access your virtual appointment.


  • Find a quiet environment with good lighting. Try to avoid noisy or dark areas of your house, as this will make it harder to see and hear each other. And make sure you're entirely focused on the appointment and giving it all of your attention.

  • When you are on a call with a Doctor online, Use headphones or earbuds. This often provides for better audio, so you and your Doctor will hear each other more clearly. It can also help protect privacy on both ends.

  • Be flexible and patient. It's likely that virtual appointments are new for you and your Doctor, so work with each other to ensure a good experience. If the screen freezes or the audio lags, politely tell them and stay calm. 

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