Consult with the Best Pediatrician

Consult with the Best Pediatrician

What does a Pediatrician do?

A pediatrician is a physician for children who provide medical care for acute and chronically ill children and preventive health services for healthy children. A pediatrician takes care of a child's physical, mental, and emotional well-being at every stage of growth & development, both in sickness and health. Pediatricians mainly diagnose and treat infectious diseases, congenital diseases, mental disorders, injuries, genetic diseases, organ dysfunctions, and oncology in children.

What is the aim of Pediatricians?

The aim of pediatricians is to reduce infant and child death rates, control infectious diseases, promote a healthy lifestyle both for mother and child to maintain a long and disease-free life, and help treat the problems of chronic conditions in children and adolescents.

Pediatricians are not only concerned about managing the immediate illness of a child but also treating the long-term effects of a disease, disability, and survival of a patient. Pediatrics is involved with the early detection, prevention, and managing various problems such as:

  • behavioral problems

  • developmental delays and disorders

  • social stresses

  • functional disabilities

  • mental disorders like anxiety and depression

What is the difference between adult medicine and pediatrics?

The significant changes occurring between adult and pediatric medicine are due to the differences in the size of the body and maturity level. The body of a neonate or an infant is considerably small compared to an adult who brings about physiological differences. Developmental issues, congenital disabilities, and genetic variations are of greater concern in childhood than in fully-grown adults. Children are indeed not just a miniature version of an adult. The Pediatrician takes care of a child or infant's immature physiological processes while diagnosing a disease, considering signs & symptoms, and prescribing medicines. Pediatric physiology has a direct effect on the pharmacokinetics of a drug that enters a child’s body. The absorption, metabolism, and elimination of medicines are different in both adults and a growing child. 

Therefore, special doctors or pediatricians are needed to care for a child. Sprint Medical brings top Pediatricians to your city. You can book an online Pediatrician’s appointment or walk into our E-clinic in your city for the best Pediatrician help for your child.

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