Dr. Rahul Madhukar Adsul
Consultant Pediatrician


Specializes in Treating Patients for Pediatric Care:

  • Assessment, evaluation, and management of acute and chronic illnesses

  • Taking care of a child's physical, mental, and emotional well-being at every stage of growth & development, both in sickness and health.

  • Treating infectious diseases, congenital diseases, mental disorders, injuries, genetic diseases, organ dysfunctions, and oncology in children.

  • Attending patients in the Emergency Room and giving primary treatment

  • Attending Deliveries, LSCS of Full-term/ Preterm babies.

  • Assessing and treating low birth weight/preterm babies, babies with hyperbilirubinemia, distress, and many other neonatal illnesses.

  • PICU experience of handling Children and Adolescents and Can perform all kinds of procedures such as IV-line, central line, intubation, NRP, PALS.

  • Treating the immediate illness of a child and treating long-term effects of a disease, disability, and survival of a patient. 

  • He is also involved with the early detection, prevention, and managing various problems such as:

  • behavioral problems

  • developmental delays and disorders

  • social stresses

  • functional disabilities

  • mental disorders like anxiety and depression


MD, DNB, DCH Pediatrics 


10+ Years of patient care experience with:

  • Providing ongoing and coordinated healthcare to individuals and families, utilizing best practices, and applying them to each patient's needs.

  • Physician, counselor, and advocate for the patient, helping them and their families to understand medical conditions and providing education on how to manage their health accordingly

  • Worked with Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital, Vile-Parle, Mumbai.

  • Worked with MGM Medical College and Hospital, Navi Mumbai

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