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22 Home Remedies for Piles / Hemorrhoids

Many of you may feel embarrassed and not open up about piles. This can further worsen your condition, so it is better to get treated at the early stages of piles and prevent infection.

22 Home Remedies for Piles / Hemorrhoids
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What are piles or hemorrhoids?

What are piles or hemorrhoids

Piles also called hemorrhoids are lumps formed inside or around your rectal opening (anus) due to inflammation of blood vessels. They usually do not cause any harm except some pain in mild cases. But in severe cases, they can lead to bleeding and severe pain during and after you go for a poo. The global prevalence of hemorrhoids is estimated to be 4.4% in 2016.

What are the causes of piles?

Piles are caused due to the presence of swollen veins at the place of anus. This may be due to any or many of the causes mentioned below. 

What are the causes of piles
  • Constipation

  • Forcing too hard to poop

  • Pregnancy

  • PCOD

  • Straining when going stool

  • Chronic diarrhea

  • Fibreless diet

  • Hereditary

  • Anal intercourse

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Chronic cough

  • Lack of exercise

  • Intra-abdominal pressure

Different types of piles or hemorrhoids 

Based on anal origin within the anal canal and about the pectinate line hemorrhoids or piles are divided into various types:

Different types of piles or hemorrhoids

Internal piles

Internal piles are less painful and can’t be seen as they are deep inside the anal canal causing bright red rectal bleeding during or after a bowel movement. The stool in internal piles is completely covered with blood called a hematochezia condition. 

Internal piles are usually classified into different grades based on the severity:  

First degree: First degree hemorrhoids are small swellings present inside the anus lining. First degree internal files are not visible and may lead to bleeding.

Second degree: Second degree hemorrhoids are bigger compared to first degree internal files. Second degree internal piles extend or prolapse inside the anus.They are constantly pushed out when you go for motion and can return inside on their own.

Third degree: Unlike the other third degree, internal piles can be visible outside the anus. But can be pushed back with your finger to reduce pain and extra damage to the veins.

Fourth degree: Fourth degree internal piles remain outside of the anus and cannot be pushed back inside. Fourth degree internal piles may require a surgical procedure to treat the piles.

External piles

External piles are generally one or more bumps surrounding your anus. You can see and feel the external piles from the outside. External piles can cause bleeding and pain during and after defecation leading to discomfort to sit.

Prolapsed piles

The prolapsed piles include internal piles with swelling and elongates to the outside of your anus. The less harmful prolapsed piles come out during defecation but go back to the normal state. The prolapsed piles swell and stick out of your anus.

Thrombosed piles

Thrombosed piles can be internal or external piles where blood gets pooled and clots lead to painful external hemorrhoids. The thrombosed piles are those that contain blood clots within your hemorrhoid tissue. (Infographic ends)

Symptoms of piles

  • Symptoms of piles will help to detect piles in the early stages and prevent future issues. Symptoms of piles vary depending on the type of piles you are suffering from. 

Symptoms of piles
  • Symptoms of piles in internal piles include mucus discharge, mass of tissue if prolapse through anus, itching, and anal incontinence.

  • Symptoms of piles in external piles include itching around anus, aching or pain, and blue-colored lumps on the skin in the rectal area.

Some other symptoms of piles:

  • Bleeding from anus before, after, and during excretion

  • Burning sensation near anus

  • Itching due to swell and irritation due to hemorrhoids

  • Inflammation of hemorrhoid tissue

  • Protrusion of hemorrhoid from anal canal after you go for a poo, due to prolonged standing and unusual physical application like anal intercourse.

  • Sense of fullness in anus

  • Straining to excrete

  • Anemia due to excess bleeding

  • Red and swollen anus with pain to sit or stand (infographics end)

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22 home remedies for piles or hemorrhoids

There are many effective home remedies for piles to treat painful or irritated piles. If you are suffering from any types of piles, you can try the following home remedies:

22 home remedies for piles or hemorrhoids

1. Natural ways to treat hemorrhoids with warm bath with Epsom salt

  • A warm bath with Epsom salt will provide relief from the pain of piles. For this, you need warm water with two cups of Epsom salt (dissolved). 

  • This home remedy helps to soothe inflammation, and burning sensation and reduce symptoms of piles. You can also use a warm compress like a heating pad or cold compresses as home remedies for piles.

2. Natural ways to treat hemorrhoids with cold compresses

Cold compresses help to minimize swelling and inflammation in the area of pain. In home remedies for piles, we use an ice pack as an effective way to numb the pain and itching sensation.  Cold compresses constrict the blood vessels and reduce blood circulation in the area.

3. Natural ways to treat hemorrhoids with witch hazel 

  • Witch hazel is used as an astringent in home remedies for piles and has drying properties. The witch hazel is used as a facial toner to clean the skin and reduce pores. 

  • The tannins and oils of witch hazel have anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce your anal inflammation and vasoconstriction effect. 

  • Witch hazel has the property to slow down the bleeding and shrink the hemorrhoid tissue hence used in home remedies for piles. 

4. Natural ways to treat hemorrhoids with aloe vera

Aloe vera helps to treat hemorrhoids at home as the sap of the plant is used on burns and wounds on skin. Home remedies for piles with aloe vera involve applying aloe vera gel or pulp to the irritated anus area and aid to soothe inflammation and pain.

5. Natural ways to treat hemorrhoids with soothing wipes

  • Natural ways to treat hemorrhoids with soothing wipes like moist toilet paper or a washcloth. Some people prefer using preparation H medicated wipes or cottonelle flushable wet wipes. 

  • Most of the time these wipes have witch hazel and aloe vera gel. Home remedies for piles use soothing wipes to reduce redness and irritation around the affected area of anus and provide some relief.

6. Natural ways to treat hemorrhoids with loose cotton clothing

Wearing loose cotton clothing will reduce irritation and help to absorb moisture and provide airflow. The use of loose cotton clothing in home remedies for piles will minimize bacterial infection and help to treat hemorrhoids at home.

7. Natural ways to treat hemorrhoids with tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is usually useful for germs and bacterial removal from anal area.Home remedies for piles include applying two to three drops of tea tree oil to the affected area with cotton balls to minimize the irritation of skin. 

8. Natural ways to treat hemorrhoids with coconut oil

Home remedies for piles with coconut oil will fight bacteria and help to speed the healing process. The use of extra virgin coconut oil on hemorrhoid tissue with your fingers directly will soothe the pain. 

9. Natural ways to treat piles with exercise

Home remedies for piles avoid exercises like squats, situps, weightlifting, cycling, horseback riding, and rowing as they worsen the condition.The practice of less strainful exercises like cardiovascular exercise, breathing, wind relieving, and legs to wall will help to treat hemorrhoids at home. 

10. Stool softeners to treat hemorrhoids at home

Constipation and straining to go to the toilet will cause hemorrhoids. Use of stool softeners during home remedies for piles will help to make more bowel movements and easy fecal discharge. The stool softeners will help to relieve enlarged hemorrhoids.

11. Stress management and good sleep to treat hemorrhoids at home

Also, stress can cause blood pressure which in turn increases pressure on hemorrhoids. This can lead to bursting or excess bleeding. Stress management and good sleep help to treat hemorrhoids at home by reducing digestive issues. So a proper sleep schedule will help to get good sleep andtreat hemorrhoids at home.

12. Correct bathroom habits to treat hemorrhoids at home

  • Home remedies for piles also include correct bathroom habits. Correct bathroom habits are effective and natural ways to treat hemorrhoids. 

  • Cleaning the area of the toilet and using only warm water to clean your part after defecation are included in correct bathroom habits. Never use any soap as it will alter the pH levels. Keep your bathroom clean and always dry the toilet seat. 

13. Drinking plenty of liquids to treat hemorrhoids at home

Drinking plenty of liquids will help to increase bowel movement and reduce straining during the toilet.It is recommended to drink about 8 glasses of water per day in home remedies for piles. Also drinking warm water will reduce bloating. 

14. Fiber rich diet to treat hemorrhoids at home

Eating a fiber rich diet will help to treat hemorrhoids at home as it prevents constipation and pain.Add at least 30 grams of fiber every day in the form of fruits and vegetables. Also, many nuts and seeds can be included in your fiber rich diet.

15. Natural ways to treat piles with organic radish juice 

Organic radish juice can be included in home remedies for piles as it cleanses and relieves pain and constipation.Drinking radish juice every day will minimize constipation problems and regularise bowel movements. 

16. Be gentle using toilet paper to treat hemorrhoids at home

Be gentle using toilet paper as it can irritate your hemorrhoids if more pressure is applied. To reduce this pain, you can replace toilet paper with soothing wipes or warm water. Use damp toilet paper if dry one irritates your skin.

17. Try a squat position to treat hemorrhoids at home

Home remedies for piles also involve some physical positions like squats. A squat position (not squat exercise) is a position every Indian uses to go for motion. Try a squat position if you are feeling difficulty defecating or try a squat position every morning after drinking water to ease motion. But do not prolong the activity and take regular breaks.

18. Use a pillow to treat hemorrhoids at home

Do not use a pillow we prefer for sleeping as it worsens your condition. Use a pillow of piles called a coccyx cushion available online or in medical stores. Use a coccyx pillow to sleep as it helps to reduce pressure and allows you to sit comfortably. 

19. Don’t hold it in to treat hemorrhoids at home

Home remedies for piles also include some habit changes. Don’t hold it in to go for motion, if you feel the urge immediately use the bathroom.Don’t delay your excretion. 

20. Don’t sit for a long time to treat hemorrhoids at home

Sitting for a long time can cause pressure on hemorrhoids and worsens existing piles. Don’t sit for a long time to treat hemorrhoids at home because sitting for long periods will cause the formation of new hemorrhoids.It is a good habit to take a break if you are required to sit for a longer period.              

21. Don’t sit on the toilet for too long to treat hemorrhoids at home

Don’t sit on the toilet for too long as straining may lead to bleeding and the formation of hemorrhoids. Don’t sit on the toilet for too long to treat hemorrhoids at home. 

22. Can use rub on relief to treat hemorrhoids at home

To treat hemorrhoids at home you can use rub on relief on the affected area of your anus. This will reduce pain and burning sensation in the area. 

Consider painkillers to treat hemorrhoids at home

If the pain is severe like in the case of prolapsed piles, consider painkillers for instant relief. You can consider use of painkillers like ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen temporarily to relieve discomfort as a part of home remedies for piles.(Infographics ends)

Prevention of piles

Prevention of piles is the best way to keep your stool soft and reduce hemorrhoids and their symptoms. Prevention methods for piles include:

Prevention of piles
  • Fiber supplements

  • Avoid use of dry toilet paper

  • Practise good bowel habits

  • Regular exercise

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine

  • Treat other disease conditions

  • Drink more water

  • Prevent constipation

  • Go for it when feel an urge

  • Hygiene practice

When to see a doctor

If you experience any of the following symptoms of piles, immediately consult or book an online appointment with the best doctor. 

  • Rectal bleeding

  • Blood to toilet paper 

  • Discomfort to sit or stand

  • Unable to poop without pain

  • Lump near anus

  • Constipation for more than a week.

Take-home points

  • Home remedies for piles include natural ways to treat piles like cold compresses, aloe vera gel, soothing wipes, and tea tree oil.

  • Lifestyle changes to treat hemorrhoids at home include a fiber rich diet, exercise, stress management, and good sleep.

  • Other prevention methods are correct bathroom habits, drinking plenty of liquids, loose cotton clothing, and good bowel habits.

  • Avoid alcohol, don’t sit for a long time, don’t sit on toilet for too long, don’t hold it in to avoid the risk of piles.

  • Home remedies for hemorrhoids work effectively in most cases, but if you still experience any issues consult a doctor immediately.

  • For severe cases of piles surgery is preferred.

  • For permanent removal of piles without surgery, it is best to adopt lifestyle changes with good food habits.  

  • Surgery is painless and cures 95% of piles successfully without any recurrent issues.

  • Always include fiber supplements in your diet even after surgery to prevent future bowel issues.

  • Consider painkillers to reduce pain and use stool softeners to prevent chronic constipation. 


FAQ on home remedies for hemorrhoids

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