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Amla- 10 Reasons to Eat Everyday

Amla fruit has abundant vitamin C and offers a lot of health benefits. It can be consumed in any form we want and can make it a daily habit. Here’s the list of all the health benefits it has to offer.

Amla- 10 Reasons to Eat Everyday
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Mazia Ahmed

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  • Fruits or vegetables that don't please our taste buds please our body. The above statement is a fact, as we can see that most things like bitter gourd, kale, sprouts, etc., we avoid are highly beneficial for our body if we consume them regularly. Another such food that should be consumed daily to cure several health issues is Amla or Indian Gooseberry. Consuming a single Amla fruit can boost a person with eight times more Vitamin C than an orange, two times more antioxidant power than an acai berry, and 17 times more than a pomegranate. Not only this, but it is also a highly versatile fruit that helps to cure multiple problems in the human body. 

  • Amla or Phyllanthus emblica is a green-colored translucent fruit that tastes slightly bitter and sour. The name of this fruit came from the Sanskrit term, i.e., 'Amalaki,' which means 'nectar of life.' Amla has a significant role in several Ayurvedic medicines; Ayurveda says that it can rectify three doshas, i.e., Kapha, Vata, Pitta, present in the human body. But, how particularly amla benefits the human body, let's discuss it. 

Top 10 Benefits of Amla

Amla isn't great for taste but, indeed, is beneficial for health. It has a blend of multiple tastes ranging from bitter to sour with several vitamins and minerals present in it. Here is a list of some of the best benefits that we will get from the daily intake of amla.

1. A Natural Immunity Booster

A daily dose of amla will help us to keep several diseases at bay. The fruit is highly rich in Vitamin C and comparatively higher than that of lemon and orange. Vitamin C is a great immunity booster as it is a powerful antioxidant that helps to strengthen the natural defenses of our body. Moreover, antioxidants protect us from different harmful molecules known as free radicals. Also, amla is beneficial in improving body metabolism. It also helps the human body to fight against both viral and bacterial diseases with ease. It can also be beneficial to avoid certain diseases like cancer and heart issues making amla a very good fruit for our body. 

2. Clears Chest Congestion And Fights Against Infection

Amla is an excellent home remedy for several viral and bacterial infections. Also, this is an effective way to treat the common cold and congestion of the respiratory tract caused by the cold. Consuming amla powder along with honey about three to four times a day can get you relief from cough and cold. Amla is a natural remedy to clear the sputum present in the respiratory tract and soothe the tract's inflammation. Hence, amla is considered a great remedy for treating respiratory and bronchial diseases. 

Amla- 10 reason to eat every day

3. Prevents And Cures Constipation

In constipation, the bowel movement of the stomach gets less frequent, and stools do not pass quickly. This can be caused due to several factors like poor diet, less exercise, etc. But, it can be controlled, and the bowel movement can be turned normal with regular intake of amla in your diet. The reason behind this is the alkaline nature of amla that helps in clearing and strengthening the digestive system. The high fiber content of amla plays a crucial role in curing constipation with ease. Moreover, amla is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that make it an excellent natural remedy for hyperactivity and stomach ulcers.  

4. A Great Method To Lose Weight

Adding a glass of amla juice to the daily diet can be highly beneficial in losing or managing proper weight. We are aware that amla is a good superfood that improves the digestion process and our body's metabolism. An improved food cycle of our body will be crucial in managing body weight, and this is how amla is beneficial in keeping us fit. But, to lose weight, amla should be taken on an empty stomach and the most preferred form to take it is in the form of amla juice. A single glass of amla juice with sprinkled salt and pepper on it can keep a person full for a longer duration and improve the body's absorption process. 

5. A Natural Blood Purifier

Want to improve the purity of blood? Then take amla powder along with a small amount of honey or jaggery. The presence of Vitamin C in amla is highly beneficial in making the blood vessels stronger and thicker. With higher antioxidant content, amla is also a vital element to detoxify the bloodstream. Moreover, taking this fruit daily in our diet can help improve the hemoglobin count and normalize the blood sugar level for people with high sugar problems. 

6. A Great Remedy For Chronic Diseases

  • Ayurveda has always praised amla as a great natural remedy to clear several disorders. Hence, they also include amla in multiple medicines to cure illnesses. Consuming it regularly can help avoid several chronic conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart diseases, asthma, cancer, etc. 

  • The presence of chromium in amla has been a beneficial factor in regulating the blood sugar level as it turns the body to be more responsive to insulin. While cancer is caused by the oxidative damage done by our body cells, which is repaired and prevented by amla. It also has a major role in curing heart diseases as it is rich in antioxidants and amino acids.  

Top 9 Surprising Health Benefits of Amla

7. Improves Eyesight

In the current generation, most people use a powered glass to read or see an object. But, the power can be reversed to normal if proper medication and care are taken. One such method to improve eyesight is taking amla daily. The rich content of carotene in amla is excellent for improving the eyesight of a person. And in addition to that, daily intake of amla can help relieve several eye problems like cataracts, intraocular tension, reddening, itching, and watering of eyes. This means a small portion of amla in our diet can keep several eye problems away. 

8. Relieves Pain

The current hectic schedule of humans has made them more prone to body pain. Also, some issues like arthritis, joint aches, painful mouth ulcers are commonly experienced. But, as we know, amla is rich in great anti-inflammatory properties to relieve body pain caused by the above causes. Moreover, for mouth ulcers, gargling dilute amla juice with a half cup of water can be fruitful in relieving the pain. 

9. Great For Hair

We often use several chemical products to strengthen our hair, but we neglect the fact that using a natural remedy is more fruitful than chemicals. Amla is an excellent natural remedy to strengthen the hair and other problems we face in daily life with hair. Amla is highly responsive against dandruff and prevents the loss of hair. It also slows down the greying process and adds strength to the hair follicles. Moreover, using amla on hair will increase the blood flow to the scalp and keep the hair strong and shiny. To apply amla on hair, mix amla powder with shikakai and curd, leave it for half an hour, and rinse it. 

10. Beneficial To Skin

Amla has a great potential to keep the skin glowing throughout the day without any face wash or face mask. Amla keeps the skin fresh, hydrated, and healthy and slows down the skin's aging process. Moreover, the application of amla on the skin is effective against the pimple as it fights against pimple-causing germs to give you smooth and shiny skin. To apply this on the face, take a bowl and mix amla powder, yogurt, and honey to make a face pack. Apply it to the face and let it dry. After it dries, rinse off with water to get clear and fresh skin. 

4 Different Ways To Consume Amla

Taking amla directly is the most common way to eat amla. Still, it won't be easy to take it this way throughout the year, as amla is primarily available during winter only. Hence, it should be preserved in various ways to consume daily throughout the year. Some of the preservation methods are mentioned below:

1. Amla Powder

Cutting the amla into pieces and drying it in direct sunlight will make it dry enough to grind. And now grind it into a powder and store it in a jar for a year. 

2. Amla Pickle

Make a pickle using amla and add variants to it like sweet or spice. This will make it possible to consume amla daily. 

4 Different Ways To Consume Amla

3. Amla Candy

This is a great option to offer kids to take amla daily. Make amla candy by adding sweet flavors to make it one of their favorite candies. 

4. Dried Amla

The simplest form to prepare and the most delicious form to eat. Cut amla into pieces, sprinkle some salt and pepper to it, and dry in the sun. And dried amla will be ready to consume. 

Word of Wisdom

There are many fruits that we do not consume regularly, but consuming them regularly can be highly beneficial for our health. One such fruit is amla that has lots of health benefits. It can be consumed in any form we want and can make it a daily habit to explore the health benefits it has in the offer. 


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