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10 Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi is an exotic fruit that keeps you fit and fine. This article sums up many unbelievable facts and incredible benefits of kiwi fruit.

10 Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit
Mazia AhmedMazia Ahmed

Mazia Ahmed

MSc Nutrition Science, Ph.D. Scholar

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When I say "fruits"! What are the first five fruits' names that will strike your mind? Mine are – Apple, mango, watermelon, lichi, and orange. You might be somewhat different, but these are the common fruits that we are primarily habitual with. But what about the other exotic fruits? For example, Kiwi! You may be or may not be familiar with this fruit. But Kiwi can keep your health fit and fine, especially in this pandemic situation. 

The Origin of Kiwi Fruit

  • The green juicy kiwi fruit was once considered an exotic fruit, but today it has become quite common in the market. This unique fruit is not known for its taste but for its health benefits. In short, it helps to give a healthy sleep, controls the level of blood sugar, helps to glow skin, and many more. 

  • In terms of origin, we track its history from eastern and north-central China. Some Europeans who first discovered this fruit have mistaken the taste of the fruit with the ripened gooseberry. In conventional days, Kiwi was named as the Chinese gooseberry, as it was found in China. But later, it was referred to as Kiwifruit. The sweet and sour taste of the fruit makes it quite a favorite for cake toppings. 

  • There are different types of Kiwi available in the market; some are golden Kiwi, kiwi berries, and fuzzy Kiwi. Among all of these, Golden kiwifruits have the market value and are mostly preferred for their sweeter taste. The fruit can be harvested and cultivated in the temperate climate with the appropriate summer heat. Earlier, it was not used as a fruit; instead, it was taken as medicine. Many people don't know, but the fruits can be eaten with their skin, which is also healthy.

5 Nutrients present in Kiwi

Here are the full nutritional benefits of the Kiwi to every health-conscious person that will undoubtedly allure your mind. 

1. Minerals: List of the essential minerals present in the kiwi fruits: Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Chromium, Selenium, Zinc, Sodium, Copper, Boron, Chloride, etc., are some of the minerals required for living a healthy life and smooth functions of the organ. 

2. Calcium: Calcium is a nutrient that makes our bones strong, and we all know it. But do you know that Kiwi is profuse with calcium? Around 34 mg of calcium is found in 100 grams of kiwi fruit. 

5 Nutrients present in Kiwi

3. Serotonin: Kiwi is one of the fruits that are high in serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that helps to enhance the functions of the digestive and cardiovascular systems

4. Fatty acids: Fatty acids like omega 3, omega 6, polyunsaturated and saturated acid, monounsaturated fatty acid, etc., are found in Kiwi seeds. This fatty acid helps in enhancing the body organ to function correctly and smoothly. Moreover, fatty acids also act as an antioxidant. 

5. Vitamins: Vitamin is a prominent nutrient that can be found in Kiwi. Obviously because fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, hence, it has the same benefits, just like other fruits. Kiwi has all types of vitamins present in it. According to the studies, the amount of vitamin C present in oranges is the same as present in Kiwi. 

Top 10 Health Benefits of Kiwi

Knowing about the nutrients doesn't give you enough proof to convince you of the everyday intake of Kiwi. To make you think about why you are still not eating Kiwi, let's jump into the unbelievable facts and incredible benefits of kiwi fruits. 

1. A Robust Antioxidants

This fruit is infused with a massive amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants can neutralize the free radical and make it a shield that helps you protect yourself from any bodily damage. 

2. Helps in Weight Loss

Ahh!! This is a critical point. Almost 9 out of 10 people are searching for a healthy solution for this problem. Let me tell you that incorporating Kiwi in your diet helps you lose weight as they are deficient in energy density and calories. 

3. Helps to reduce Nervousness and Stress

Kiwi is an excellent solution for the reduction of nervousness and stress. Anxiety attacks can sometimes worsen; the vitamin C present in Kiwi will prevent your body from anxiety attacks and nervousness. Now don't forget to enumerate Kiwi into your fruit lists. 

4. Fights Anemia

Low hemoglobin? Suffering from anemia? Fed up of medicines? Switch to the natural medicine of anemia – Kiwi! Thanks to the Vitamin C present in Kiwi, the absorption power of iron from food is enhanced.

5. Is Cardio-Protective

If you want to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, start taking Kiwi fruits from today. This small, fuzzy-skinned, juicy fruit can decrease the platelet aggregation level as well as blood triglycerides, the two most common risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases. 

Surprising Health Benefits of Kiwi

6. Treats Asthma

Nothing can be more painful than not being able to breathe. Isn't it! Most people say that Asthma doesn't have a particular medicine that can cure the patient 100%. But Kiwi has magical features that can certainly help you to treat Asthma. The reason behind the magic is Vitamin C. Kiwi built a protective cover against the germs that cause respiratory diseases.

7. Prevents Constipation

Constipation may seem like a common thing to you, but it harms the body. To those who have constipation problems, Kiwi can help you to get rid of this problem. You might still be a stranger because Kiwi is rich in dietary fibers, which will help you maintain regular bowel movements. The inclusion of Kiwi fruits in the breakfast will undoubtedly help you to improve the production of stool. Moreover, the fuzzy skin of the Kiwi helps to get rid of toxins out of the body and the intestinal tract.  

8. Controlling Blood Pressure 

If you are hypotension patients and want to control your BP, Kiwi can become your best friend. Kiwi has unique characteristics that help in controlling the sodium in the blood. You will also need potassium which will balance the minerals in the blood. But excessive intake of potassium can cause hypertension. Hence Kiwi should be taken by the person with hypotension and avoided by high blood pressure or hypertension.

9. Beneficial During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a critical time for a lady. They have to be very cautious about how they live and what they are eating, as, during pregnancy, they are not the only person who is eating; a tiny life is also taking the food. Hence they have to plan their diet carefully. According to the nutritionist, Kiwi plays an essential role in the balanced diet of pregnant women. We can find folic acid in Kiwi, which is very important for pregnant women because it helps develop the fetus's essential organs inside the wombs. Folic acid also defends against congenital disabilities. Hence if you are a pregnant lady, you know what you need to start consuming!

10. Strengthens the Immune System

To be healthy, one needs to strengthen the immune system. Kiwi knows the secret to enhance the immune system. As we all know, vitamin C is essential to enhance the immune system, and Kiwi is the best example of fruit with maximum vitamin C, just like an orange. According to RDA for Indians (2020), a sedentary adult man requires 80 mg of vitamin C every day. A sedentary adult female requires 65 mg/day of vitamin C. Therefore, eating one kiwi fruit in the whole day can quickly fulfill the vitamin C requirement as it has 92.7 mg/100 gm of vitamin C. In this way, Kiwi helps increase the immune system and help you defend against harmful germs. 

Negative points of Kiwi

Now that we know about benefits; let's take a quick look at Kiwi's side effects.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Kiwi

After reading all these benefits, you can hardly find any negative points. But the doctor advises avoiding Kiwi for patients suffering from kidney ailments, gallbladder problems, and hypertension. Oxalates present in Kiwi can concentrate and change their formation into a crystal that can worsen the health condition. A person with a latex allergy should also avoid the consumption of Kiwi. 

Word of Wisdom

To conclude this article, we would like to say that Kiwi should be consumed every day to stay healthy and live a little longer. To get the maximum out of Kiwi, you should know how long you can keep the fruit fresh. Always intake fresh fruits, and don't forget to wash the fruits before consumption. 


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