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8 Common Complications of Diabetes Mellitus

There are both chronic as well as acute complications or effects for every disease. The chronic complications of Diabetes are many and the patient needs to develop an understanding of its cure in a very precise manner.

8 Common Complications of Diabetes Mellitus
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  • There are both chronic as well as acute complications or effects for every disease. To be completely aware of the long-term or short-term effects of any disease, we must be educated about the basic aspects of it. As this piece talks about the complications related to Diabetes mellitus, we must fully analyze the disease and the extent of its effects.

  • Diabetes, as a disease, comes under the purview of Insulin Hormone. The problem of Diabetes occurs when the pancreas in the human body fails to provide a significant amount of insulin or when the body does not comply with the insulin hormone in a required manner. The actual function of the pancreas is to help store the sugar and fat from the intakes and let the body use it in the required quantity. In other words, Diabetes is a disease in which the metabolism gets unproportionate, and the food that we eat does not get fully utilized.

  • Commonly, Diabetes mellitus can be classified into 3 types: Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes.

1. In the case of Type 1 diabetes, the human body fails to produce insulin and the pancreatic cells keep on getting destroyed. The external source of insulin is highly recommended for individuals facing Type 1 diabetes.

2. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. Insulin is produced by the pancreas, but the action is impaired. The majority of patients improve with weight loss, exercise, and sticking to diabetic diet therapy. Although, the external source of insulin may be prescribed by the doctors in chronic illness.

3. Gestational Diabetes is common in women who are in the pregnancy period and the disease itself fades away when the child is born. In many cases, it has been noticed that the women who had Gestational Diabetes during their pregnancy days have a higher chance that they face Type 2 diabetes during the later stages of their lives.

8 Common complications of Diabetes 2

8 Common Complications of Diabetes

The chronic complications of Diabetes are many and the patient needs to develop an understanding of its cure in a very precise manner. Here are some of the severe outcomes of Diabetes when it is in the later stages:

1. Cardiovascular Problems

Heart attack can be the severe outcome of Diabetes as the disease causes the blood sugar level to remain high which can severely damage the blood vessels of the human body. Therefore, a heart attack is one of the most chronic complications of Diabetes.

2. Nerve Damage

Nerve damage can be said as a second-most chronic complication of Diabetes. This too occurs as an after-effect of high blood sugar. The primary function of the nerves, i.e., to transfer the messages among different parts of the body and brain, gets slower. Therefore, eyesight, hearing, movement becomes challenging for a diabetic person.

3. Sexual Dysfunction

A lot of diabetic patients face the problem of sexual dysfunctions. These kinds of problems are prevalent both in males as well as females who are affected by Diabetes. The blood that flows through the sexual organs gets restricted due to the damage caused to the nerves and blood vessels. Urinary tract infection can also be faced by the patient. Erectile dysfunction, impotency can be seen in males with severe Diabetes.

4. Vision Issues

Problem in vision is experienced by diabetic patients who are the victim of the disease for a long period. When Diabetes is not treated for a long time, the chances of eye disease are high. Many diabetes patients face reduced vision and, in a few cases, the situation has been worsened as the diabetic patient faces the complete loss of vision. Such situations are technically referred to as Diabetic Retinopathy and are caused due to blood vessel damage only.

8 Common complications of Diabetes 1

5. Kidney Problems

Diabetic patients face problems related to kidneys. As we all know, the primary function of the human kidney is to filter the blood inside our body. The case gets complicated when the sugar is filtered from the blood and damages the blood vessels. Kidney failure is one of the worst effects in such cases, which can only be tackled by processes like complete dialysis.

6. Joints and Bone Problems

The joints in the body of diabetic patients can get badly affected due to the severity of Diabetes. This is caused due to poor blood flow throughout the body as well as nerve damage caused by high blood sugar. This problem is largely seen in the foot of diabetic people and a body part may get completely unfunctional if the problem does not get identified & cured.

7. Skin Infections

Bacterial and Fungal infections are common in people facing Diabetes. If a person has Diabetes for a long period, the chances of getting rashes, spots on the skin are high. The immunity and strength of skin cells get diminished over some time, and the ability to naturally prevent these disorders gets lowered.

8. Dental Problems

Gums and Teeth are prone to get damaged when a person is facing Diabetes. In several cases, diabetic persons have also faced tooth loss, gum infection, etc.

Word Of Wisdom

These are some of the chronic complications of Diabetes therefore, this disease must be taken with strict care. It must be identified in the first place and should be cured under the supervision of expert doctors. The cure of such chronic disease may be a long-term process but can surely be prevented if taken cautiously, especially during the early stages.

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