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Everything You Need to Know About Moles Removal at Derma Clinic

The common skin growths that are called moles are generally harmless, but sometimes people find them awkward and irritating. If you want to remove them, always consult a professional dermatologist.

Everything You Need to Know About Moles Removals at Derma Clinic
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What is a mole? 

Are you facing an unnecessary and odd skin growth that has pigments on it? You are facing the problem of a mole. Moles are harmless unless you poke them or scratch them. Some people keep scratching things off their bodies, and while doing so, they worsen the situation altogether! In general, moles are black or brown. But in some people, it is found to be blue or flesh-colored as well. If you do not scratch it and it is not popped up at the wrong place, it won't harm you anyhow! 

What is a Skin tag?

If you have a skin tag and you find it annoying, then let us tell you that they are harmless, just like the moles! These are small fleshy parts of your body that clings onto your body part with a small and thin stem. If you scratch it and want to remove it forcefully, the situation can get worse. Most of the skin tags are of either black color or skin color. They are painless and generally appear on folded parts of the body, armpits, etc. If it’s not bothering you, you should not poke it right! 

Quick facts about skin tag

5 Strong Reasons to go for more Surgery

Generally, moles are harmless, as we told you. But sometimes, people find them awkward and irritating. People find moles and skin tags irritating because they get stuck in your jewelry. Sometimes the moles pop up from the face or are revealed from different parts of the body. The person cannot veil the mole with makeup. This is the time when they think of undergoing surgery. Before undergoing surgery, one needs to visit a dermatologist. The doctor will check on your mole, and with a look at it, he can tell you whether it is a malignant cell or not. You might need to undergo a Biopsy test for it. Once the mole is removed, they will send it to a lab for a malignant test. 

  • Besides these minor reasons, there are a few solid and significant reasons why one needs to visit a dermatologist and get the mole operated! Here are those valid and strong reasons: 

1. To get rid of skin cancer: Sometimes, these are the earliest symptoms of Melanoma skin cancer. Generally, this is the deadliest cancer because it spreads fast and goes into the body tissues. If the problem is diagnosed earlier, the patient's chance of getting treated and out of danger is high. Hence, if you have a mole that causes some problems, you should visit a doctor and get it checked. Do not cut off the mole at home. If the mole has some cancer cells, you might end up leaving some of those cells in the open, and they will go through your body and make you sick. 

2. To get rid of the scars immediately: Moles and skin tags are maybe harmless, but they can make scars on your skin! So, if you are associated with the fashion or art industry and have to keep your skin without scars, you need to go for surgery. Do not do anything back at home because you are not an expert. Let the dermatologist handle the problem. They are trained practitioners and know the usage of all the machinery and medicines available for such patients. Doctors have several processes for removing your moles. You can choose a painful and painless method. 

3. To keep the blood loss minimum: Operating a mole at home is not a good idea at all. Generally, such operations involve a chance of a lot of blood loss. So, when you visit the dermatologists, they will ask you about your medical history and whether you have records of not stopping blood flow during an operation! According to your reply to this question, the practitioner will choose his way of operating you. 

4. To keep the infection rate minimum: Every type of operation includes a lot of stress, tension, and a massive chance for infection. If you are treated under a trained doctor, he knows how to deal with the infection part. He will use his knowledge and expertise to offer you an infection-free operation. But if you are doing the operation back at home, it may worsen, and you may not be able to handle the infection and hygiene part. So, you need to visit a clinic soon! 

5. To keep the pain minimal: Scars are sometimes tough to deal with. They not only look terrible but sometimes, with a scar, your movements are restricted. If you move your joint or the scarred part of your body, it will hurt a lot. That would be tough for you to handle! So, visiting a clinic means meeting some expert doctors out there. These doctors know how to deal with your scar pains. So, do not waste time thinking about the scar or mole. Meet the experts and discuss the mole or the skin tag you have. Ask them whether they can help you.

  • These are some of the reasons why you should visit the dermatologist on an early basis. If you have any scar and you are skeptical about it, just visit the doctor, let him check your mole, get it tested, and then only they can tell you whether you are facing any financial problems or not! 

3 Techniques used by Dermatologists to remove your mole

1. Burning it down: They can burn it, actually. Generally, a high voltage electrical current passes through the mole, and the mole can be taken out in this way. The upper layer of your skin might get burned. Only a single process can not remove the mole. You need to club up some of the major ways of removing the mole. If you are tending a skin tag, this burning process is the best one. You need to burn the small stem of the mole. This will make sure that the mole is not in an active state! 

2. Freezing: Freezing the mole and skin tag with liquid nitrogen is pretty standard these days. The dermatologist freezes the mole with liquid nitrogen. Once the treatment is done, you may find the place a little bit irritating and reddish. It is common and expected. The patient gets discharged soon. 

3.Cutting it off: Sometimes, you can cut the mole on your own, but it is not recommended. Lots of services are available out there. It is about a single and deep cut, and only an expert can do it for you! Some moles are there that will simply wash off your body. Sometimes, the cell starts growing at the deeper section of the body part. Hence, unique treatments are required. Sometimes, the doctor makes a deep cut through which he can peek into the section and take out the root of the mole as well. The deeper cut may require many stitches, but it will help the patient get rid of the moles permanently. They won't come back again! 

Skin Tag Removal Surgery

Are there any risks involved? 

Of course, the whole procedure is risky. If the mole or the skin tag is malignant, it can be a cancerous cell. The dermatologist will chop off the mole and then send it for the biopsy test. It will be checked thoroughly. There is a huge chance of infection. You cannot chop off the mole without checking your medical background and other physical details. If every point is taken care of, then the procedure is not that much risk. But, if the mole is not hurting or disturbing you anyway, you should not go out and remove it. 

Can I do it myself? 

It is not a DIY thing you should try! It involves many risks, and if not handled properly, it may affect you big time. These things can be life-threatening as well. So, you better not try these surgeries at home. If the surgery takes place at a clinic, the doctor has lots of equipment and procedures that will save you from getting infected. But in the case of home surgery, the chance of infection is high. You cannot get rid of the infection and may end up making the wound worse. Even after the surgery is done, you need to visit the doctor for a few days or a few months. The post-op procedures will take place once the surgery is successful. You cannot handle these post-op procedures at home. Hence, it is always the best option for you to reach out to a doctor for the task. 

Word of Wisdom

  • If your mole is not changing its shape and not causing irritation, the best thing you could do is to leave it as it is. But if it is affecting your overall appearance or if your jewelry or clothes are irritating it, you must consult a dermatologist to remove it safely.

  • If you find a change in the color, shape, or size of the mole, then you must definitely visit a good dermatologist. It could be a sign of skin cancer called melanoma. So, get the mole checked by a specialist if you observe any irregularity.


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