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7 Food items that can boost your Spirits - Mood Food

Everything that you eat has something to do with the functioning of your body. We like to eat a lot of street food, and most of them are not even close to being called Healthy. Here is some of the Tasty, Healthy Food that can lift your spirits and mood.

7 Food items that can boost your Spirits - Mood Food
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Mazia Ahmed

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  • Eat healthy to feel healthy. Everything that you eat has something or the other to do with the functioning of your body. Different individuals get cheered up by different things. Some like to listen to music, some play video games and some other dance and many more. Such activities can help you to change your mood, but what when it comes to food. We Indians are a fan of eating spicy and tangy food items. Most of them are not suitable for the human body; still, these foods are mood lifters. We like to eat a lot of street food, and most of them are not even close to being called Healthy.

  • There is a present image of healthy food in our minds. With the word "Healthy," all that comes to mind is food with a boring color and even more bland taste. But it is not always the same.

7 Best Healthy Food that can Lift Up Mood Instantly

1. Chocolate

As we do in Indian tradition, let's start our list with something sweet. Chocolate is one of the most consumed products in India when it comes to food selection by kids. But it readily decreases with the adults. According to some research, chocolate's per capita consumption is very low and is next to 100g per person in India per day. In contrast, Europe has this number touching 5-6 kg.

Consumption of chocolate in India

We lack a lot with the consumption of this tasty food item. Not only is chocolate tasty, but it is also very good for health. It might help you release many hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine in your brain, which helps you relax. Chocolate has added sugar which helps your brain function efficiently, and hence you feel good after eating one. It can even promote blood transport to your brain, and further, it stimulates the action that can help you reduce inflammation. Dark chocolate is the best food material you can have to refresh your mood. It acts directly on the human body and helps with triggering a response in Mood changing. On the contrary, eating a lot of these could be problematic with your dental health and further with your blood sugar levels.

2. Fish

  • Now, this is not something for a vegetarian to enjoy, but fish is among the best and easiest ways to grab a lot of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Further, it has Omega 3 Fatty acid. This is something that your body can't produce naturally, and you require it for proper growth. Fatty Fishes have this component in excess, and hence you are always on the positive side when consuming this delicious food item. The fish oil in Fatty fish is very good for the liver.

Fist to Lift your Mood

  • The Omega 3 has a direct function with the development of brain cells. If you are a patient of chronic depression, then you cannot miss fish out of your food list. The special aroma and taste of cooked fatty fish are great to lift your mood. Depression and anxiety could be treated by eating good fatty fish.

3. Banana

  • Talk of vitamins and added flavors, and the first fruit you will select would be banana. Bananas are one of the best fruits if you want a source of instant energy. Health-wise it has a significant amount of Vitamin B6 in its constituents. This vitamin is very good for the synthesis of dopamine and some other neurotransmitters.

  • You can have more than 16 grams of sugar in one banana piece, so it is very efficient for lifting your mood. When the Banana sugar is paired up with fibers, it steadily releases good hormones in the bloodstream.

  • When the banana is raw and eaten on the stage where the peel is still green, it has a good amount of prebiotics. It is a source of food for the good bacteria of your body, and hence it reduces mood swings and disorders related to it.

4. Fermented Stuff

  • People ignore microbes' role in their daily lives, but actually, they have a lot more to do than what we think of them. This stuff might include yogurt, kimchi, kefir, and more. These foods are very beneficial for your gut, and they help improve your digestive system's quality.

  • The entire fermentation process allows the bacteria to thrive on the food and further release many acids and by-products, which could help the human body. Some of the gut-friendly microbes present in fermented foods are responsible for Serotonin's secretion. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, and it acts on the brain cells to release many hormones. Some of them are essential for promoting sex drive in humans. Others are regulators and have a profound impact on the functioning of the Limbic system. This system is one of the major systems present in the human body to regulate mood and other such desires.

5. Berries

  • Don't be surprised to see berries up this list. These small-looking fruits are one of the best things to lift your mood. According to research eating too many berries can help you with tackling depressions and anxiety. Although it is not a proven fact, but we know for sure that berries contain a rich amount of antioxidants.

  • Antioxidants are essential for an individuals' body. It can help your skin to glow and can treat many internal infections related to it. Oxidative stress is a kind of stress seen in our body that develops due to harmful imbalance. Berries are very much efficient in tackling this with their wide range of antioxidants.

  • Most of the berries get their color from a substance called anthocyanin, a chemical compound that acts miraculously in our body. The primary function of anthocyanin in the human system could be lowering the risk of depression. According to Data, eating berries can reduce the risk of depression by 39%.

Banana Berries and Yogurt to Lift your mood

6. Coffee

  • Coming to the drink that is the most consumed one throughout the world. According to researchers, a cup of coffee has more than 70-100g of caffeine in it. Caffeine is a substance that acts on your brain cells and prohibits adenosine interaction, which in return increases the alertness and attention capacity of your brain.

  • Coffee also helps you get rid of a mood of tiredness and makes you feel active, lively, and fresh. On the other hand, caffeine is also responsible for mood-boosting transmitters. To be released in the bloodstream. They can make you feel active. That is the reason why coffee gets your sleepy mood away. Coffee is a drink that still has a lot of mysteries in itself. In a study, it was found that both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees were able to influence the mood of individuals.

7. Oats

  • Coming to the last item on our list. This one is one of the best food items to start your day with. By this, we mean to say that oats are a basic morning breakfast in many houses these days. Eating oats is very beneficial as they contain a lot of fibers. You can enjoy oats in many forms, and hence it is a healthy and tasty food with lots of variations. It is an excellent source of fibers, and hence if you are someone struggling hard with your digestive system, then this could be your solution.

Oats to lift your mood
  • Oats are among the most loved foods for gym freaks. It helps you to build muscle and absorb more carbohydrates. It also adds up to the blood glucose level; hence you can feel good and pumped up by intake of the correct amount of oats at a time. It helps you in controlling the mood swings and makes your mind more stable to adapt. Even oats can help you with increasing the absorption of many vital minerals. Iron is one of those who get guided by oats in the system. On a note, oats are among some of the best mood enhancers. It feels light, and you can be sure that your appetite is completely satisfied.

Word of Wisdom

Food has always been a source for lifting mood. The twist here is the fact that healthy food usually is not that tasty. And people don't like to have food that doesn't taste well when they are not in a good mood. Healthy food gives some essential nutrients and promotes your health to make it better. What's better than a food that is healthy as well as tasty and also helps in lifting your mood!

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