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Top 6 Tips for good Mental Health

The World Health Organization reports that the significant effect of Covid 19 was on mental health. In these times, ensuring good mental health and our ability to function is typically a challenge.

Top 6 Tips for good mental health
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The World Health Organization reports that the significant effect of Covid 19 was on mental health. It resulted in almost 93% of the services completely stalling or stopping altogether. This happened at a time when isolation, stress, and anxiety had reached peaks. In these times, ensuring good mental health and our ability to function is typically a challenge. 

What is Mental Illness?

Mental illness or disorders refers to various mental health conditions — disorders that mess with your mindset, your way of thinking, and conduct. One falls into the grasp of mental illness because of multiple reasons. It can be any inherited traits, exposure to drugs and alcohol at early stages of life, trauma during pregnancy, or natural brain chemistry. 

Any mental disorder will make you feel unproductive and may cause issues in your ways of life, like in study, work, or in relationships, without your conscious knowledge. Considering the facts, maintaining good mental wellbeing should be everyone's top priority.

6 Tips for Good Mental Health 

1. Staying active will help you Mentally and Physically

  • Being active isn't only meant for physical fitness. It has its positive effects on mental wellbeing as exercise makes our body release endorphins. The presence of endorphins triggers positive, happy feelings and reduces any pain in the body. It helps us reinforce our self-esteem and replaces stress or anxiety present in our system. 

  • A change of scene like a quick stroll through your home garden or down your street will increase your mental alertness, energy and improve your state of mind. 

  • This can be attributed to chemicals like dopamine and endorphin being released while you exercise or engage in any physical activity, and these feel-good chemicals naturally improving your mental health.

2. Invest your energy on a balanced diet 

  • In this current fast-paced life with junk foods, sugary drinks, and artificial food groups, our body ends up lacking nutrients and impairs its ability to function to its fullest. To repair this, we need to revamp our lifestyle and get a new and healthy diet plan.

  • A healthy diet comprises organic fruits and vegetables, foods high in polyunsaturated fatty acids like:

1. Fish

2. Nuts

3. Seeds

4. Eggs

5. Protein

6. Whole grains. 

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3. Have a dedicated "me time." Spending time on yourself

  • The more you spend time with yourself, the more you get to know about yourself. Disconnect yourself from gadget-oriented entertainment and find time to engage in activities that relax and entertain you, such as reading or board games.

  • There are many ways you can pull yourself back from the monotony and tediousness of daily life. They may involve doing a crossword puzzle, planting a nursery, taking dancing lessons, attending yoga sessions, practicing mindfulness and meditation, journaling, reading, learning to play an instrument, caring for a pet, or taking language lessons. Research has shown that when you engage in such activities, it makes you happier, mentally positive, and focused. 

4. Practice healthy introspection and cultivate a growth mindset

  • Practice healthy self-reflection and self-care. Treat yourself with fairness and respect, and keep yourself away from introspection on an unhealthy level. Sometimes a professional assessment and viewpoint into who we are and what keeps us engaged or triggers us, exploiting those abilities, and taking note of the triggers eventually enhance wellbeing. 

  • According to psychotherapy, having a sense of appreciation from yourself will help you have a better mindset, leading to better decision-making and the ability to trust yourself first.

5. Build healthy relationships

  • Mental illness can also stem from trauma. A relationship involves emotions. When translated scientifically, it denotes complex brain chemistry that can be re-engineered accordingly. Having sensible expectations in our relationships with others directly impacts our wellbeing. This will include our family, friends, colleagues, and all within our ecosystems. 

  • According to various studies, individuals associated with loving families or good social associations are more grounded than individuals who do not have an encouraging group of people while growing up. Making plans with your loved ones or maybe even volunteering in any social events that will help you meet new people can improve your social skills and bring out the best in you. 

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6. Practice Empathy and Contribute to others

  • When you engage in activities that evoke empathy, your brain is hardwired to give away its most excellent performance. Pleasant events will cause positive emotions that will get rid of negative feelings. Take it slow to try out different acts of kindness to understand where you get happiness from. 

  • Depression is the primary explanation behind inadequacy around the world. In case you're upset to feel upbeat, address everyday life, understand its implications, or feel associated with others, see a professional therapist. Acknowledging the need for help is proof of strength — not weakness. 

Word of Wisdom

Mental health is an important area of concern for everyone around the globe. Unlike physical illness, most people have not recognized the signs and symptoms of mental disorders. Awareness campaigns should be designed so that everyone understands the common signs and symptoms of mental health disorders. Medical professionals should invite people for treatment and make them believe that they are not alone. Treatment is the key to relief and maintaining a healthy life. 

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