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Top Reasons Why You Should Go and See an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon?

A fractured hand or muscular stiffness might be a serious problem, but it is not that much riskier if you get proper treatment with your orthopedic. Here are the few reasons why you should consult an orthopedic hand surgeon.

Top Reasons Why You Should Go and See an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon?
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  • A fractured hand or muscular stiffness might be a serious problem, but it is not that much riskier if you get proper treatment with regular touch with your orthopedic. An orthopedic is a doctor who specializes in treating broken bone or muscular pain in any part of your body.

  • According to the part in which your body is facing the problem, orthopedic can be characterized into their different names like if your doctor is major in hand-related injury, they are known to be Orthopedic Hand Doctor.

  • Often, a hand-related injury doesn't need surgery, but in cases where the condition is severe, then surgery might be the option for treatment. 

  • Although there are many differences between general orthopedics and orthopedic surgeons, the main difference is in their work. An orthopedic doctor treats all the problems related to musculoskeletal issues as orthopedic surgeons do, but they can perform surgery as well if necessary.

  • Many people are unsure whether they should see a surgeon for a hand injury or just go to any doctor for any reason. Sometimes, they ignore the injury and think that it will heal by itself.

  • But it is not that much easier as you are thinking. First of all, ignorance might cost you many difficulties in healing, and second thing you should see those doctors who are experts in this and much experience in treating hand injuries like fractures, joint immovability, forearm or wrist bone issues, muscular soreness, and stiffness, etc.

  • Here is the list of conditions on which you need to see the orthopedist in case of any hand injury and why it is essential to see a specialist rather than any physician. 

Top Reasons Why You Should Go and See an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon?

What do Orthopedic Hand Surgeons do?

  • People often get scared by hearing the term surgeon. They think that a surgeon is only an expert in surgery, and they don't want surgery. 

  • But you know why it is suggested to go for a surgeon rather than any orthopedics? The reason is they are good at what they are doing. They check your muscles and bones thoroughly. It's not that they perform surgery in any situation, but when they see no other option other than surgery, they will opt for surgery. 

  • However, orthopedic doctors are also good in normal injury and pain and when you are not sure whether you need a surgeon.

  • An orthopedic hand surgeon can perform the following functions-

  1. It involved overall check-ups related to any sports injury, hand sprain, strains and finger injuries, etc.

  2. Depending on the condition, whether it is critical or not, they can do surgeries like knee cap implantation, joint dislocation, fixing of two or more bones of the hand in case of fracture.

  3. Conditions like Arthritis (Inflammation of two or more joints causing pain and stiffness) and Tendonitis (A condition when the tissue connecting muscle to the bone swells) are treated by a specialized orthopedic hand surgeon.

  4. Disorders like Carpal tunnel syndrome, in which repeated movement of the wrist causes numbness in the median nerve that controls the movement of fingers, are treated by a hand surgeon. In this syndrome, you find trouble in the movement of your hand, and in many cases, you lose your grip.

What Surgeries can be performed by Orthopedic Hand Surgeons?

Whenever there is a critical situation like a fractured hand or any nerve injuries or any other disorders, performing surgeries would be the best option. Surgeries are no doubt risky but not when it is done with utmost care and precautions. It takes 12 weeks to fully recover from surgeries like;

  1. Reduction and Fixation Technique- This can be performed when you have a broken bone. In this, your bone will be fixed by using wires, casts or rods, etc. 

  2. Nerve Repair Technique- This is useful when the nerve of the hand is damaged. There are mainly three nerves present in our hand, including the ulnar nerve, the median nerve, and the radial nerve.

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3. Joint Replacement Surgery- If your hand joint is destroyed for any reason, this surgery can be performed, which is also known as Arthroplasty. 

4. Tendon Repair Technique- Tendons are fibers that connect muscle to bone, and when this damages for some reason, they can be repaired within 24 hours. 

5. Fasciotomy Surgery- It is performed in the case of Compartment syndrome, in which space is formed between muscles that cause lots of pain and swelling, which ultimately result in muscle stiffness.

6. Surgical Drainage or Debridement- It is performed in case of hand infection that will happen by any means like heat, antibiotics, and another surgical procedure. In this surgery, pus is released by injecting a needle which releases your infection and relieves your pain. It can be painful, but it will be completed in half an hour, and the recovery rate is also high.

4 Major Reasons you should go to an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon?

Here are some reasons why you should consider going a specialized hand surgeon:

1. Expertise 

They are experts in issues related to hand bones and muscles. Due to this, if your pain is not relieving by time, you should go to the orthopedic as they can treat complex situations by avoiding surgeries.

2. Physical Therapy

An Orthopedic hand surgeon is well-known for their experience in performing surgeries without or even less risk. But first, they will check whether surgery is avoidable or not. If they are not, they will perform surgery, and under their observation, you will heal simultaneously.

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3. Treating Musculoskeletal Condition

They can also perform critical surgeries that want expertise and experience, such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Tumors, etc.

4. Perform Non-surgical Technique 

These involve medication, giving injections to relieve your pain, bracing and casting, joint manipulation, etc. They are chronic if they are left uncared, so that's why they need specific treatment. Other than that, it will not get cured easily, and your hand bone will misshape in many cases.

What does an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon do?

  • First, he will check your injury by touching and then taking x-rays. It will give him an idea about the condition of your hand internally. 

  • Then the next thing is to give you suggestions about the treatment that will cure your hand.

  • In many cases, performing surgeries would not be the best option, like when your age is a criterion or your condition is not that critical. So in these cases, an orthopedic surgeon will give you medication, and with proper check-ups, it will heal.

Word of Wisdom

  • You must take proper treatment from a specialized orthopedic hand surgeon as they can deal with a hand injury from complicated one like nerve repair to easiest one like muscle soreness.

  • Don't be afraid of the word "surgeon" here, as they are the same as any orthopedic doctor who is an expert in dealing with various injuries that involve musculoskeletal issues. The main difference is they can deal with highly complicated surgeries when needed.

  • Hand surgery might be risky at a certain point, but the risk is minor, and it will be negligible when it comes to expert handling. 

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