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What does a Sports Medicine Doctor do?

A Sports Medicine Doctor is very important for athletes and people who take interest in sports. He treats sports injuries faster & helps athletes perform better in sports.

What does a Sports Medicine Doctor do?
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When people hear about sports medicine doctors, they usually picture a doctor standing on the sideline of every match and waiting for an emergency injury during the game. They think that the only work of a sports medicine doctor is to cure injuries that occur during matches immediately. In reality, a sports medicine doctor cures the injuries caused during the matches. They are also well-trained physicians and surgeons who are efficiently trained to cure the athletes who have prolonged injuries caused due to some complications.

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Who are Sports Medicine Doctors?

  • A sports medicine doctor is a specialized sergeant who has been chiefly trained to cure injuries caused in the field after diagnosing them. The injuries that they ought to cure are mainly prolonged injuries caused by an athlete while playing in some competition. Sometimes, a regular orthopedic surgeon could not diagnose an injury caused by an old competition. Such a diagnosis requires specialized treatment and a specialized doctor who can diagnose it easily by conducting the required tests. The goal of a sports medicine doctor is not only to diagnose the disease of the athlete but also accelerate the process of the treatment as fast as possible so that the player gets the opportunity to get back to the sport without missing out on much and remain in the game practice.

  • The sports medicine doctor should also make sure that while he speeds up the recovery process, he makes sure that the player is being treated well and is also recovering safely. Their job is also to ensure that the sportsperson does not go through unnecessary medicines and try to provide them with the least amount of medicines possible.

3 Most Common Injuries that a Sports Medicine Doctor can Treat

  • The most common mistake made by people is that they think that sports injuries can occur only in an athlete's body. A sports injury can occur in any normal human's body. It can result from even the slightest injury occurring while putting in a wrong involvement of a body part while performing any physical activity or participating in any physical competition or even while playing any sports activity. Children have a higher chance of getting involved in a prolonged sports injury as compared to adults. 

  • However, adults too have the chance of getting involved in one. This mostly happens in adults if they do not do the proper amount of warm-up required to higher up the body activity rate before getting involved in the main sports. Sports injuries generally happen in the musculoskeletal system when working out or getting involved in any physical activity or sports. The chances of getting involved in a sports injury become higher if a person suddenly gets into an intense physical activity after a prolonged period of leave from performing any such physical activities. Some of the most common injuries that a sports medicine doctor treats are:

1. A Tear in the Rotator Cuff:

  • The rotator cuff injury sometimes occurs due to a tear in the rotator cuff muscle that acts as the primary support system to the shoulder joint. A tear in them affects the entire group of tendons and muscles responsible for supporting the shoulder joint. A rotator cuff tear is most common in baseball players and tennis players because of their repeated motions over the head. It sometimes also affects people who consistently perform wrong motions pulling the shoulder in the wrong direction, causing the tear.

  • A rotator cuff tear is generally in two ways: a partial tear or a complete tear. In case of a full tear, the only way of recovering through it is a complete surgery. A rotator cuff tear generally begins with a bizarre pain in the shoulder, causing a night of very disturbed sleep, mainly when laid on the affected shoulder. Sometimes, people suffering from a rotator cuff tear have immensely weak arms, making it difficult for them to perform even the simplest activities like combing the hair or even putting on their shirts.

2. A Rupture in the Achilles Tendon:

A tear or a rupture may occur in the Achilles tendon because of an unnaturally extreme pressure given on the backside of the lower leg due to some physical activity, or sometimes it can cause even by the activities that involve an impact of the foot, like jumping or going the wrong way. People who have a tear or a rupture in the Achilles tendon may all of a sudden start feeling a sharp pain in the heel area of the foot. Some people who have such an injury also hear the sound of the tendon breaking, which is primarily a snap. It makes it very difficult to walk for a person who suffers from a rupture in the Achilles tendon.

3. A Sprain in the Ankle:

A sprain in the ankle mainly occurs due to an awkward or a severe twist in the ankle. It results in the stretching or tearing of the ligaments holding the bones of the ankle together. A sprain in the ankle is an injury caused to the ligaments primarily responsible for connecting and surrounding the bones present in the ankle. An ankle sprain, although it might not be very severe, is very painful. It prevents people suffering from an ankle sprain from walking for a prolonged time. They mostly end up limping while walking till the injury is treated or taken care of.

4 Major Significance of a Sports Medicine Doctor

Sports medication is a set of medications provided to a patient who has been suffering from an injury due to some physically caused illness. Sports medicine doctors have various importances. Some of them are as mentioned below:

1. Specialization: They provide the patients with specialized care. An orthopedic doctor is a doctor of bones and has a piece of complete knowledge regarding the body's bones. But sometimes, they miss out on the important joints and muscular pains that a sports medicine doctor specializes in. A sports medicine doctor trains himself particularly for injuries caused by performing various physical activities, so they can easily diagnose an injury caused due to such activities. It becomes easier for them to treat the patient with their proper knowledge and several years of knowledge input.

2. Accurate Knowledge: Due to their in-depth knowledge of sports and physical activities, a sports medicine doctor has a profound knowledge of how an athlete's body works. Thus, they provide an enhancement in the process of injury and reinjury of the athlete's body, providing a faster recovery of the athlete or any of their patients. They are sports experts and provide accurate diagnosis details that become easier for them to detect the injury. Thus the process of their recovery becomes easier to trace.

4 Major Significance of a  Sports Medicine Doctor

3. Special Training: A sports medicine doctor plays a significant role in enduring physical pain and thus helps enhance the increasing body strength of the athlete and helps the athlete become better in his field. They provide several training activities that will help the athlete in a way that increases his stamina to perform better in the desired field.

4. Advanced Technology: A sports medicine doctor provides a detailed treatment and provides many options to treat their injuries accordingly. They provide the most leading, cut-edged and new advanced treatments which other orthopedic doctors do not know. A sports medicine doctor, having specialized in that field, knows all about various sports and thus has an idea of all the advanced technologies and every other treatment method that can be followed for the given injury.

Word of Wisdom

Having a sports medicine doctor in every possible place is very important given the rising number of athletes and people's interest in sports. A sports medicine doctor helps endure sports injuries faster than other doctors and helps athletes perform better in their niche sports. Their profound knowledge makes it easier to diagnose the injury, which plays a significant role in a faster recovery of their injury. It is always preferable to get your sports injury treated by a specialized sports medicine doctor for better treatment and faster recovery.


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