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Book Appointments with Doctors Online | E-Clinic
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Book an Appointment with Doctor Online | E-Clinic

At Sprint Medical Clinic, telemedicine allows you to connect with a doctor through a secure video conference in real-time and online consultation is done with real-time Vitals for the best treatment as the vitals are the most important parameter for accurate diagnosis. Sprint Medical E-Clinic is an Online medical clinic with integrated IoT medical devices to capture correct patient data for better diagnostic results.

E-Clinic and booking online appointments for Doctor Consultation

Medical Clinic is a facility that provides outpatient services where the patient can consult with a doctor for their problems. Medical clinics have no Emergency care department, and patients can not stay for any procedures that require more than 24 hours for recovery. You can visit Medical Clinic for the below services and at Sprint Medical E-clinic you can book appointments with Doctors online.

  1. Medical Checkups 

  2. Doctor Consultations 

  3. Blood and other related Tests 

Most of the clinics offer general medical services, but Sprint Medical has introduced E-clinic in the era of new technological transformation as an initiative of "New India." E-clinic is a physical clinic like any other Medical Clinic but with advanced medical devices and software. Sprint Medical E-clinic allows patients to access thousands of doctors worldwide and receive world-class patient care close to their homes. E-clinic model is a hybrid model in the combination of Traditional Clinic and Advanced Virtual Clinic with access to Best Doctors in India and the world.

E-Clinic visit is just like a regular visit with a Doctor, we will check and record your vitals (SPO2, BP, Glucose, etc) and with our advance IoT devices (Digital Stethoscope, Dermascope, Otoscope, EKG and other real-time digital devices) we will collect more diagnostic information on your health in real-time.

Throughout your entire visit, our E-Clinic assistants are there to assist you. When the Doctor appears on the screen, the E-Clinic assistants will begin by presenting your medical history to the Doctor. The Doctor will ask you questions, provide a diagnosis, and issue a prescription or a laboratory requisition, we will facilitate the Doctor consultation, sample collection and online medicine delivery at your convenience.

You use chose book now button for Doctors appointment booking online and alternatively you can call us as well to book your appointment.

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