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Will My Loose Permanent Tooth Get Better?

If you have a loose tooth for any reason and you are waiting and tolerating the pain to subside on itself, then it might not be the best option. Here are some of the remedies and dental treatments that will surely make your loose tooth better.

Will My Loose Permanent Tooth Get Better?
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The question says will your loose permanent tooth get better without losing it? Have you ever wished that your loose tooth would get better on its own? As we all have two types of teeth in our whole life, one is temporary, or milk teeth and the other is permanent teeth. We all had milk teeth in our childhood, and sooner or later, they gradually broke and fell out with time. But, what about permanent teeth? Do they fall with time? Yes, indeed, but not on their own. There are some external and internal reasons behind that.  

Top 5 ways to save your permanent teeth from falling out

We all love our teeth as they can help digestion, and speaking clearly would be possible because of them. They also give shape to our faces and also a reason for our beautiful smiles. We don't want to lose them.

You can prevent them by acquiring some basic but effective oral hygiene habits such as:

1. By brushing your teeth twice a day (if you don’t brush them twice, just clean your teeth before sleeping by doing gargle)

2. Floss your teeth at least once a day. It involves removing food particles in between your teeth. 

3. Avoid smoking. It often damages your teeth and makes them weak and stinky. 

Top 5 ways to save your permanent teeth from falling out !

4. Do monthly dental check-ups and cleaning as required.

5. If you have a loose tooth for any reason, just avoid eating hard food and, if possible, eat as much soft food as you can. But it’d not be the permanent solution. 

  • But in case you have a loose tooth, and you want to avoid falling out, then you need to know first what will be the reason behind its loosening, and then only you can understand about the treatment that one follows to get your tooth just like before.

What can cause your tooth to become loose?

  • It is often said that permanent teeth are strong, especially the healthier ones, but there might be external or internal reasons for loosening your tooth in many cases. However, internal damage is rare you see in healthy teeth. 

  • Depending upon the reason, you can get treatment from the dentist and sometimes on its own, but it will be wiser if you consult the dentist rather than trying to get your tooth better on its own.

  • First of all, just look out some reasons behind looseness;

Top 5 External Causes behind Looseness

1. Accidents.

2. Sports injuries.

3. If you have a habit of clenching your teeth during stress time.

4. Or grinding them due to habit.

5. Any kind of external force on your tooth can cause loosening.

Top 3 Internal Causes behind Looseness

1. When you catch bacteria in your gum, it results in a disease called Gum Disease or Periodontitis. In this, the bacteria spreads due to poor oral hygiene and causes the weakening of your tooth. In this case, you have to visit your dentist as it will be painful, or sometimes bleeding gum would be the issue.

2. Internal causes also include pregnancy, in which hormonal levels rise, which affects your bones and tissues in the mouth. 

Top 3 Internal Causes behind Looseness

3. Osteoporosis might be one reason why loosening of your tooth naturally happens because of weak bone due to less calcium content with the increasing age. In such a case, you need to add milk to your diet as it helps to fulfill your calcium needs. 

Top 4 ways to protect them from loosening

It might be not a preventable one, but you can avoid the risk related to it by taking some measures:

1. Wear a mouthguard while playing any sports

2. Practice good oral hygiene habit

3. Avoid habits like clenching, grinding, etc. This will damage your teeth. 

4. Avoid drinking strong carbonated soft drinks. 

Top 4 ways to protect Teeth from loosening

3 Effective Treatment save your permanent teeth from falling out

If you have a loose tooth and it is paining a lot, but you can't go to the dentist right now, then in such a case you will take some measures at your home to get instant relief from pain. These are:

1. Do Gargle with Warm Saltwater.

It will relieve your pain and act as a homemade mouthwash. It’d be an efficient and easy way that reduces your pain instantaneously. But it will not fix your loose tooth and can only be effective in removing bacteria in between your teeth. 

2. Mustard Oil with Salt Remedy.

Just add a few drops of mustard oil with salt and massage gently on your loose teeth. This will not only relieve your pain but also can give some strength to your tooth. This will be the effective one but not the permanent solution.

3. Amla Remedy.

Amla fruit can be good for strengthening the connective tissue of your mouth. Just take the extract from amla fruit and mix it with warm water and rinse your mouth with this. It will give some relief and strength to your tooth. 

All these remedies may be helpful but not effective in the fixing of your loosening tooth. It will require a specialist that will see your condition and, according to that, fix your loose tooth by taking suitable treatment.

Role of Dentist

  • Earlier, it'd be the dream for any individual to prevent a loose tooth from falling, but fortunately, we have technology that will help a dentist to do different treatments that will permanently fix our loose tooth with its root. The dentist will perform any of these treatments according to the condition of your tooth. 

  • First, he needs to look into your tooth by doing X-rays, then only he will do treatment according to the situation. These treatments include:

1. Pulling and replacing the tooth

In severe cases where an accident might be the cause, this treatment will be effective. It involves pulling the affected tooth and then replacing it with exactly the same one. The main disadvantage of this treatment is that it is costly and can't be affordable when the number of teeth is more than one. 

2. Splinting

If the condition of a loose tooth is not that severe, the dentist will go for splinting, which is safe and does not cause much pain. Through this technique, your affected tooth will be fixed by attaching it with its surrounding teeth. Attachment is done by fabrication and substantial holding. After this, your teeth will be permanently attached to its root. 

3. Gum treatment

This treatment is effective when you have periodontal disease, i.e., infection on your gum. In such a case, your dentist will clean your gum internally and fix your loose tooth after scaling and root planting. But if your condition is severe, then pulling and replacing would be the best option for you. 

6 Major Consquences if your tooth isn’t getting better

Most people often ignore a loose tooth and think that it will fall off on its own, but it is not that simple. But it's not the best way to treat your loose tooth. If the reason is a gum infection, then ignoring this can cost you more. Bacterial infection will spread up automatically and cause your other healthy teeth to be affected. Apart from this, there are a lot more risks related to this, which we often ignore. Some risks if the tooth is left untreated are:

1. Toothache

2. Affect other teeths

3. Bad smell

6 Major Consquences if your tooth isn’t getting better

4. Weakening of teeth

5. Gradually falling off teeth

6. It can cause a severe condition in which you have to go through critical treatment like a root canal. 

Word of Wisdom

  • If you have a loose tooth for any reason and you are waiting and tolerating the pain it is causing; then it might not be the best option to avoid a loose tooth. There are some temporary remedies, but they will not cure your permanent loose tooth. 

  • It is always advisable and best to see the dentist in such cases. It's not only about the loose tooth sometimes, but the infection is also the problem behind this, and if you ignore this, infection will spread. After a while, it will affect the other teeth as well.

  • So it is always necessary to go and do regular check-ups with your dentist. Also, you have to take care of your oral hygiene habits. Just once in a month, go and see your dentist and do some regular cleaning. This will automatically prevent all the possibilities of loosening your teeth or any damage to your teeth. 


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