Doctor Home Visit Near Me- Doctor at Home | HomeDoc
Doctor Home Visit Near Me- Doctor at Home | HomeDoc
We Bring E-Clinic to your home, so you don't have to travel to a Clinic or Hospital.

Doctor consultation at Home | HomeDoc

HomeDoc is a doctor at home service in allahabad that we provide to our patients who cannot travel to the hospitals, Medical Clinics and E-Clinic or those who can't go out from their homes because of various health reasons or due to epidemic occurring worldwide such as Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover this service is designed keeping in mind the situation of elderly care patients and bed ridden patients. You can always feel free to ask doctor online for any health and diet related questions at the ease of your home. Our doctors are trained for highest patient care experience and they will be happy to answer your ailment related queries.

HomeDoc is just like a regular Doctor at home visit with exception that we bring our virtual medical clinic or E-Clinic at your Home. Sprint Medical's Doctor at home service is just a booking away and our on call doctors are always ready to help patients recover from the illness.

The best part of the on call doctor is that the nurse will always be available at your home to assist Doctor with real-time vitals and establish a transparent communication between patient and Doctor. The prescription and diet plan will be thoroughly explained to the patient and if for any medical reason patient is not well, this will then be explained to relatives and loved ones of the patients family. If you are looking for Doctor home consultation near me then definitely consider calling Sprint Medical's Family Clinic in Prayagraj and we can assure you that our Family Doctor will take care of you just like a family do, after all we are human family and closely bonded by Allahabad culture.

HomeDoc - Doctor at Home and How it works with Online Consultation

We literally bring our E-Clinic to your home, and our trained nurse will check and record your vitals (SPO2, BP, Glucose, etc). They will collect more diagnostic information on your health with our advanced IoT devices (Digital Stethoscope, Dermascope, Otoscope, EKG, and other real-time digital devices). Once we have all the required information, we will connect you to a doctor on a video call to remotely assess the patient.

The Doctor will ask you questions, provide a diagnosis, and issue a prescription or a laboratory requisition; we will facilitate the Online Doctor consultation, sample collection, and Home medicine delivery at your convenience.

The method of HomeDoc consultation will be Online. However, trained nurse assistant will take care of the best practices of Online consultation at your home.

Home Doctor service is currently available within radius of Allahabad city in India. However, Sprint Medical is committed to expand the services on broader radius in coming expansion.

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