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Masturbation Effects on Kidney, Back Pain, UTI and More

Does masturbation cause kidney stones or Masturbation Effects on Kidneys? There is no proof that masturbation causes kidney pain, failure, or stone formation

Masturbation and Its effects on Kidneys
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  • Does masturbation cause kidney stones or Masturbation Effects on Kidneys? There is no proof that masturbation causes Kidney pain, failure, or stone formation.

  • Since the emergence of the internet in the present times, the flow of information has gotten a new spike. Apart from the innumerable benefits of internet technology, there are some significant concerns too. It is exceedingly evident that the information available on the internet has no boundary and can be accessed by anyone around the globe, but the real question is that whether this readily available information can be trusted. Does it have any basis? The answer to this question is that this information sometimes lacks evidence/research. Professional researchers' portals and websites can indeed be trusted as a rigid base backs this information.

  • Health and lifestyle sectors are the most versatile ones as the information ranges from technical subjects of medicine to topics that are considered sensitive according to some culture and traditional thinking. One of the most searched topics about human health is masturbation and its effects on overall health. Many people are concerned about the impact of frequent masturbation or how one can abstain from such an act. Let us talk about this topic more extremely and light on the actual results of masturbation on human health.

  • First of all, we need to understand that getting indulged in masturbation isn't a shameful thing but is a basic need of the human body. Masturbation is an act of rejuvenating one's physical as well as mental status. Both men and women use this process to refresh themselves or simply for pleasure. There is a widespread notion among people across the world that masturbation has ill-effects on health in the long run. Many people believe that masturbation causes problems in the Kidney. In contrast, some believe that masturbation is a process of uselessly draining energy. With the help of our well-researched information and the experiences of our best kidney specialist doctors in Allahabad, let us now check whether these statements have any authenticity or not. 

  • Masturbation involves pleasuring one's own body without any partner. It involves satisfying their body requirement through their private parts. It is a healthy way to know about the intensity of your body by exploring your limits. As many people lack actual knowledge in this regard, theories relating to benefits from abstaining from masturbation are prevailing. There is no such basis for the statements that concretely talk about abstaining from sexual activities for leading a longer & healthy life. 

    Masturbation statistics all over the globe

Masturbation statistics all over the globe (Source: World's Largest Masturbation Survey, TENGA 2018).

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Is Masturbation Normal or harmful?

This subject has been heavily researched, and from a health science perspective, there is nothing harmful that could come out of masturbation. Moral doubts are another story. However, that falls in the category of personal choices. 

Excessive masturbation is another thing. If you feel like this act affects your daily life and relationships in any negative way, maybe you should reconsider taking it down a notch. After all, the fact is that excessive masturbation can lead to weakness and fatigue and inhibit sexual activities with your significant other. 

On the other hand, there is the fact that regular orgasms carry many excellent health benefits. So, some masturbation is recommended to maintain mental health and reduce the risk for stress and negative feelings. Masturbation makes you happier because it leads to the release of happy hormones in your body.

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Benefits of Masturbation

Having a solo date is incredibly physically and mentally beneficial. This was proven by several studies focusing specifically on the positive side effects of masturbation. Sexual stimulation, in general, carries many positive outcomes for humans. Therefore, before finding out any evidence based adverse effects of masturbation on human health, we must look at the positive results.

  • Masturbation and hormones

Masturbation releases healthy hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, etc. When a person reaches an orgasm, he/she experience the release of such hormones that eases the mind and body of a person.

  • Masturbation and Mood

Masturbation improves the mood of a person as it is an act of self-care. Orgasm adds to complete well-being by making you comparatively happier.

Masturbation and Mood
  • Masturbation Improves Concentration and Productivity

Once the urge of sexual pleasure is satisfied, making the human mind stress-free, the brain helps the person concentrate more effectively as there are no distractions.

  • Masturbation helps sleep

The quality of sleep gets better post masturbation as it relaxes the entire body. Both the physical and mental stature of a person gets improved when the body reaches the state of orgasm.

  • Masturbation and stress

As masturbation helps in lowering the blood pressure, it makes the person stress-free. Studies have shown that masturbation releases tension and relaxes the body. However, an ideal way to do so is by attaining an overall quality lifestyle by using other rejuvenating means. Thus, masturbation has various physiological as well as psychological benefits on human health.

Other than the benefits mentioned above, masturbation has been proven as an effective method for:

  • Promoting intimacy

  • Deepening sexual experiences

  • Reducing unwanted pregnancies

  • Reducing sexually transmitted diseases

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Alleviate pain

  • Help with menstrual pain

Myths and Misconceptions Regarding Masturbation?

This act was always a regular occurrence with humans. Ancient paintings depicting masturbation of both genders in the 4th millennium BC in a temple site at Malta prove that. 

One of the most extensive world masturbation surveys conducted by a sexual health and wellness company TENGA CO. Ltd. uncovered that approximately 78 percent of adults in the world masturbate. 

Still, people don't really talk about this act, however natural it actually is. Because it's still a taboo subject, there is a lot of space left to be filled with myths and misconceptions. 

There are many myths when it comes to this sensitive topic. However, none of them have been scientifically proven to be true. Moreover, many of them have been debunked several times already, but many people believe in false truths. 

These are the most common masturbation myths without any scientific evidence whatsoever. You can be sure that masturbation will not cause:

  • Hairy palms

  • Blindness

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Penis curvature

  • Mental illness

  • Low sperm count

  • Delayed impotence

  • Infertility

  • Weakness

  • Penis shrinkage

Masturbation effects on kidneys

Masturbation and kidney stones

The myth about masturbation leading to kidney damage and back pain is still going strong today, even though it's been proven to be misleading. In fact, science has proven that masturbation does not damage kidneys nor causes kidney failure or pain. 

The science behind this knowledge is relatively simple. Kidneys are responsible for dealing with waste and toxins using urine to get rid of all the extras. The kidneys work together with the urethra, uterus, and bladder to ensure no urine flows contaminates or kills off human sperm cells. When a man has sexual intercourse or masturbates, his internal sex plumbing shuts of the bladder, and the sphincter at the base of it closes. Hence, masturbation cannot have any effect on the kidneys. They keep functioning utterly normal during the act of masturbation. 

Another myth concerning masturbation and kidneys has been debunked by science. Research conducted in 2013 has shown that a loss of nutrients and protein via semen has no effect on kidney health. You cannot do any damage to this vital organ masturbating. A study has revealed that in one ejaculation of semen, there is a tiny amount of just about 0.25 gram of protein. So, no heavy losses there, since this amount can be easily compensated. 

The effects of masturbation on kidney stones are not well researched but none of the research says that kidney stones can be caused by masturbation. In fact, a 2020 study observed a reduction in the size of kidney stones among people who masturbated 3-4 times per week. Though it's an interesting perspective, we require some more evidence to prove the point.

Does Masturbation Cause UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)?

Urinary Tract Infection is another dimension of kidney-masturbation linkage and it falls under kidney infection. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is common among people who don't follow hygienic habits while masturbating. Thus, it is not a kidney dysfunction due to masturbation, but masturbation is not done under the cleanliness. It is true that sometimes, Urinary Tract Infection can reach up to the Kidney and causes infection there too. Still, we must acknowledge the fact that it is not due to masturbating but doing it incorrectly. Therefore, it is safe to say that masturbation doesn't affect the Kidney in any direct way.

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Does Masturbation Cause Lower Back Pain?

Some men have reported back pain in lower back after masturbating. However, masturbation does not cause back pain directly. But, lousy posture during the masturbation act might cause pain in lower back. This can be quickly healed, though. The research has shown that Keeping the good posture (don’t excessively fall forward or fall back) will relieve shoulder pain, mid back pain and lower back pain.

Masturbation and sexual health

As far as the myths concerning masturbation and its effects on couples' intimacy, those have also been debunked. Masturbation has, in fact, been scientifically proven as a method of promoting intimacy and improving sexual health. A study has found that women who masturbate regularly tend to have happier marriages than those who did not masturbate. 

Masturbation and Prostate cancer

The debate whether masturbation increases or decreases the risk of prostate cancer is still going strong. Several studies have dealt with this issue, but more research is needed to find the absolute truth. 

A 2003 study has shown that men who ejaculated more than five times weekly in their 20s reduced the risk to develop prostate cancer than those who did not do it that often. Scientists believe that frequently ejaculating prevents the propagation of agents causing cancer in the prostate gland.

A study conducted in 2016 has shown similar results. Researchers have found that men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month had reduced the risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer.

On the other hand, a 2008 study revealed that men in their 20s and 30s who had frequent sexual activities had an increased risk of prostate cancer. 

Side Effects of Masturbation or Masturbation Consequences

Even though masturbation is typically harmless, excessiveness can have some harsh consequences as it is with everything in life. Below are some of the possible implications of extreme masturbation.

  • Some people experience a bit of chafing or tender skin if going too rough. There might even be some swelling and edema involved, which usually disappears within a couple of days. If done aggressively, masturbation could lead to decreased sensation. 

  • Masturbation in excess could also lead to fatigue, as the semen contains vital minerals and vitamins. Overly masturbating could also lead to blurry vision and dark circles because of nitric oxide deficiency. 

  • Disrupted daily life is also one of the side effects of excessive masturbation. Many people use this act as an escape method, which affects relationships and daily life responsibilities.

  • Other side effects include guilt due to religious, spiritual, or cultural beliefs. However, self-pleasure is nothing to be ashamed of. 

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Word of Wisdom

  • Contrary to the widespread fear of harmful effects on kidneys, masturbation can minimize kidney stones' size. A recent study had shown the relevant results of dispelling the stones in the Kidney. If masturbation is done in a controlled way, along with some prescribed medication, it can show many great results to a kidney patient.

  • Another dimension here is discouraging stereotypical knowledge. As responsible adults, we need to do self-research and accept the facts backed by proper research. We need to begin the normalizing of discussion on such topics that are considered ill by Indian societies. Getting affected by any activity done in excess is another thing, for which a consulting medical expert is recommended.

  • The myths that talk about the negative impacts of masturbation such as like infertility, kidney problems, blindness must be busted by spreading awareness in people. Therefore, with the help of this article, we can now conclude that masturbation has nothing to do with kidney problems. It has a large number of proven health benefits if done in a controlled way.

  • Addiction and guilt are the two aspects that people are afraid of, but there is a need to understand the positive side. Thus, promoting the culture of a healthy lifestyle must be our first priority, and spreading correct awareness a second one. Also Read: Kidney Health and Basic Diseases - Causes and Treatment


FAQ for Masturbation Effects on Kidney

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