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Does Female Masturbation Cause Infertility?

Female masturbation benefits in relieving mental and physical stress. Female masturbation is not harmful and female masturbation does not cause infertility in females.

Does Female Masturbation Causes Infertility
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Women in Indian culture are not allowed to have any inherent sexual longings or recognize their sexual desire. The language of experiencing pleasure for women in society is dumb. Women are not supposed to have any sexual desires like men and if they have, they are named as ‘slut’.

What is Masturbation?

  • Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one’s genitals for sexual pleasure. Masturbation may or may not lead to orgasm. Masturbation is common in both growing up males and females.  No relationship is required for masturbation.  No physical or mental disorder is associated with masturbation. 

  • Female masturbation involves the self-stimulation of genitals, including the vulva, vagina, and clitoris. Usually, people extend masturbation until they feel an orgasm.

  • Females can masturbate with their hands or can use sex toys like a dildo or vibrator, by rubbing the clitoris until felt pleasure. Your partner may also be involved in the masturbation process during intercourse.

  • It is also believed that masturbation before sex can increase the chances of orgasm.

What are the causes of female masturbation?

Causes Of Masturbation

The cause of masturbation is pretty simple to understand. When you reach the age of 11, 12, or 13 the level of hormones affects your budding sexuality and you start thinking of the opposite sex differently.

  • The hormones released at adolescence triggers your normal development of genitals, breasts, thoughts of sexual behavior, and feelings of desire that tends toward sexual pleasure.

  • The desire to be touched or sexual attachment in absence of a partner will cause masturbation thoughts. Masturbation is the way to satisfy the desire for sex once you reach puberty or even before. 

  • Research says that female masturbation is also due to not having a satisfactory or preferred sexual partner at reach. 

  • Some females masturbate to stop themselves from the urges of sex until they find the right partner. 

What are the effects of masturbation on female sex organs?

Female sex organs are interrelated to ovulation, fertility, and pregnancy. How masturbation is going to affect the female sex organs has to be known. So, let’s have a look:

Does female masturbation affect fertilization?

  • Does female masturbation cause infertility? is the often-asked question. 

  • No, masturbation does not cause infertility. To get pregnant, an egg of females has to be fertilized by a male sperm. For this, the sperm needs to travel to the fallopian tube. The eggs are released from the ovaries into the fallopian tubes when they are released. The fertilization does not occur in the uterus.

  • The masturbation will not affect the fallopian tubes and hence the fertilization process. For sperm cells to fertilize eggs, ovulation has to happen beforehand. 

Does female masturbation affect implantation?

The implantation occurs after the fertilization of the egg. The fertilization of the egg occurs after the ovaries release eggs into the fallopian tube and sperm fertilizes the egg.  The fertilized egg will then travel to the uterus to attach to the uterine wall. This process is called implantation. Implantation takes about six to twelve days after ovulation and eight to nine days after conception. 

Sometimes, the implantation may occur at the fallopian tube and does not travel to the uterus is called an ectopic pregnancy. Female masturbation can cause ectopic pregnancy but does not impact the implantation. There is no research describing the effect of masturbation on implantation.

Does female masturbation affect ovulation?

The ovulation process is very important for females to get pregnant. Without ovulation, no eggs are released from the ovaries. The released egg has to be fertilized by the sperm to become pregnant. The egg after release travels into the fallopian tube, if not fertilized the egg exists through the vagina.

The sperms are released from the penis when your male partner ejaculates semen after orgasm. Unlike semen or sperm, the egg is not released after orgasm, and orgasm is not connected to egg release. The orgasm does not cause the release of eggs into the uterus like sperms. Fertilization is essential for conception. 

Is it bad if women masturbate?

No, women can masturbate as much as they want without any hesitation of health risks and there are more benefits. Masturbation has many mental and physical benefits in addition to sexual pleasure. If you don’t feel any pain or discomfort keep it at your current pace. 

Masturbation will help women to understand their bodies and can do anything without shame and guilt. 

Benefits of Masturbation in females

Benefits of Masturbation in females

The American Medical Association declared masturbation as normal in 1972. Self-masturbation is a sexual activity that barely has any side effects when done as needed. 

There are many health benefits to female masturbation which are as follows:

  • Female masturbation benefits to prevent cervical infections. Female masturbation benefits in relieving urinary tract infections. Women with UTI (urinary tract infection) have a stronger desire to masturbate than others and it is good because masturbation effects in females can help relieve the pain, lubricate the vagina and remove harmful germs from the cervix.

  • Masturbation in females helps to relieve depression. When you are aroused, the hormone levels of mood-boosting dopamine and epinephrine increase in your body.

  •  Emotional stress in females can be lowered during masturbation.

  • Masturbation is a way to find and love yourself physically and emotionally, this helps to strengthen confidence. Masturbation helps to express yourself in all areas of life and aids you in feeling confident.

  • Female masturbation benefits enhance the quality of your sleep and help you deal with insomnia.

  • Female masturbation benefits to decrease heart disease and diabetes mellitus type 2. Females with experience of more orgasms, greater frequency, and satisfaction in masturbation have greater resistance to these diseases.

  • Female masturbation benefits to increase strength in the entire pelvic region. Masturbation causes increased blood pressure in the clitoris, the uterus moves up from the pelvic floor, the heart rate and respiration increase, thus causing an increase in muscle tone and pelvic muscle tension.

  • Stomach cramps in females can be reduced with masturbation.

  • Masturbation will enhance the relationship with your partner because you know yourself physically.

  • Post-menopausal women will feel pain during pelvic exams or intercourse due to narrowed vagina. Masturbation in females benefits in increasing the blood flow to sex organs and preventing narrowing of the vagina.

Are there any Side effects of masturbation in females?

Side Effects Of Masturbation In Females

In general, female masturbation is not harmful; but sometimes may lead to tender skin or chafing if you are too rough which will heal in a few days.

The side effects of excessive masturbation in females may include-


People with religious beliefs will feel guilt and sin for masturbating. They believe that it is not spiritual or cultural practice and may experience a feeling of shame. But masturbation is not wrong or immortal. Self-pleasure is the birthright of everyone.

If you feel the same way discuss this with a friend, sexual health professional, or therapist that might help you to move past feelings of guilt or shame regarding female masturbation.

Decreased sexual sensitivity

When done more frequently sexual arousal is lost and the sensitivity of sex organs is decreased over time.

This can be treated by changing the technique for some time. Female masturbation using a vibrator will help to improve sexual function and lubrication.

Disrupting daily life

If you masturbate more than you desire, as an addiction will cause: 

  • To miss work, school, important social events.

  • Interrupt the daily functioning of a person.

  • Will affect the responsibility and relationships.

  • Becomes an escape from relationship issues or substitute for real-life experience.

If you feel that the desire to masturbate has gone beyond your control, seek help from a health care person.

Take-home points

  • Female masturbation is normal and healthy.

  • Female masturbation is a part of sexual functions.

  • The amount of masturbation or frequency of masturbation is one’s personal choice.

  • Female masturbation does not affect implantation, ovulation, or fertility.

  • Female masturbation benefits in relaxing stress and depression by elevating mood.

  • Do not try to get much pleasure in a short span of time, this may lead to sore genitals.

  • Go to a doctor for any medical advice or understand the reason you are feeling in a certain way.


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