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Does Female Masturbation Causes Infertility in Women?

If a woman is facing problems related to Infertility, it certainly has nothing to do with the fact if she masturbates or not. When such a situation arises in females, it is highly advised that an experienced doctor must be consulted immediately.

Does Female Masturbation Causes Infertility in Women?
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Getting pregnant for a woman is bliss. The process brings joy to the family, and the related people have an optimistic approach towards it. Every couple desire that this blessing knocks on their door at a certain point in their lives. For making this dream come true, a woman must pass a healthy nine months period. However, when we see the bigger picture, there are many other complexities involved in it that are ignored by an ordinary person. In India, people are not comfortable talking about sexuality, personal concerns, etc., as they are considered extremely sensitive. But, when the country moves towards achieving its long-term goals, it is high time to talk openly on subjects like sexual health, personal hygiene, etc.

  • One of the most doubted questions is about the effects on a female's fertility due to masturbation.

  • There are many theories in the present times among the people regarding this topic, specifically females, about long-term health effects.

  • A large number of women are a victim of false knowledge and lack of sexual education. The literacy rate of a country and the health infrastructure play a vital role in making the women well-aware.

  • This article focuses on various misconceptions regarding female sexual health and steps to overcome it.

  • Firstly, we need to understand the two different terms- Infertility and Masturbation. And later, after analyzing some well-established facts and figures, we will conclude about the relevancy between Infertility and masturbation, if there's any!

Infertility in Women

  • Infertility can be talked about as a health problem in both sexes. As this article primarily focuses on the females' side, Infertility is merely a reproductive problem.

  • Infertility can be defined as sexual behavior in which a female is unable to get pregnant. On the other hand, a high fertility rate means a person (female) has a higher chance of getting pregnant. Thus, an infertile woman is unable to conceive a baby.

  • Infertility is an inclusive term and is of mainly two types: Primary and Secondary. Primary Infertility refers to when a woman cannot get pregnant for at least one year. In contrast, Secondary Infertility is when a woman had got pregnant once but is now unable to conceive.

  • Infertility is both long and short term, which means a woman may be infertile for a specific period.

  • With transitionary habits and lifestyle, women are very much likely to get infertile. However, there isn't one but several external factors that increase the percentage of infertile women every year.

  • Family, environment, food, unhealthy lifestyle & habits, genetic diseases, etc., can play in determinant role concerning Infertility. Infertility is unwanted and can even affect a well-run relationship among couples.

  • Apart from these causes, many women are concerned if this sexual dysfunction is also caused by masturbation. Well, this argument can better be scrutinized if we get a grasp of the term "Female Masturbation" alone.

Can Female Masturbation lead to Infertility

Female Masturbation

  • Human age is sustaining due to people's needs, and a person needs to satisfy them to survive on this planet. Be it food, shelter, money, spiritual need, etc. It is essential to make sure that these needs must be fulfilled. Once a requirement of a human is fulfilled, the soul of the human body is satisfied.

  • The term masturbation can be defined as an act to sexually satisfy oneself without the opposite/same-sex person. It is high time that masturbation is seen merely as a way to fulfill one's sexual desires and not an act of shame.

  • Once a person hits the years of pubic age, and the sex hormones are getting developed in the body, the urge of getting self-satisfaction becomes more frequent. Thus, it becomes essential to satisfy the human body in terms of its sexual requirements.

  • Masturbation must be noticed as a symbol of self-care and self-love; therefore, discussing such topics in an open environment must be normalized. Before a woman blames herself and her actions (masturbation) for the disability to conceive, we must shed some light on the connectivity between Infertility and masturbation.

  • When a relevant body of government of a country surveyed this very topic, it was found that a large number of women were a victim of wrong education.

  • Some Women believe that masturbation is strictly bad for the body's health. At the same time, some considered it as a regular act and part of their daily routine. Some thought it was the sole reason for Infertility among women.

  • Before making a judgment on the matter, we must talk about the benefits of masturbation on human health (especially women).

Benefits of Female Masturbation

1. Relieve From Stress

This may be a temporary positive effect of masturbation in women, but masturbation helps better the mind's stress. This effect can directly be linked to the fact that many extremely busy people lack sexual health. People trapped in the circle of professional life or any other busy life aspect are less likely to spare time for rejuvenating their sexual conditions, which makes them sexually inactive for a more extended period.

2. Better Sleep

It is proven that masturbation/sex helps in getting a night of better sleep. When a person unleashes the stored body energy in masturbating, the person naturally feels lighter and relaxed, and the quality of sleep increases. This can be linked to a person facing insomnia which leads his/her sexual life towards the negative stature.

3. Improved Sex Life

Estrogen, the female sex hormone, must be at a healthy level. Masturbating can lead to an improvement in estrogen level and make a female sexually active. Sex is a vital part of a relationship and a "must" act in married couples. Excitement is the basis of sex, which is further developed by estrogen.

Masturbation Myth Busted For Female

4. Precise Menstrual Cycle

A large number of women faces problems with their menstrual cycle. Some of them experience menstruating issues concerning time, while some face unhealthy effects. When the estrogen and progesterone level among women stay at a desirable level, the scope for such problems becomes narrower, and a woman can pass a smoother & healthier menstrual cycle. The above stated are some of the expected benefits of masturbation in women. It has both short-term and long-term benefits from temporary pleasure and sexual satisfaction to long-term benefits like easing down the effects of post-menstrual sexual problems.

Connecting the dots, we can now conclude the subject. With the help of some well-established facts, surveys, and international reports, we now have a transparent opinion about the effects of masturbation on fertility.

  • It has been seen that among the females facing Infertility, a large percentage comprises the ones who are sexually inactive, under a particular sort of depression, or less passionate. Masturbation can boost the female sex hormones and improve the quality of life.

  • As we all know, anything in excess is harmful to human health. It becomes essential for people (especially the younger generation) to understand any lethal risk of frequently involved activities.

  • It is very evident from the above-stated facts that Infertility and masturbation don't have any direct link. Thus, there are no concrete studies or research that prove the connection between masturbation and Infertility.

Infertility can be treated under the guidance of a health expert. Thus, a couple must not hurry in blaming a particular aspect. There is a high probability that Infertility can be short-term, as it is seen in several cases that the couples who were unable to conceive earlier have done it later. Therefore, having sufficient knowledge about sexual subjects is a must for couples.

Word of Wisdom

Concluding this piece of writing, we have come to the opinion that both Infertility and masturbation have a separate line of biology. Infertility in the woman can alone not assessed from the side of a woman. Still, the sexual health of men must also be checked before declaring a woman as "Infertile" The sperm count and quality of a male also play a decisive role in this process. The benefits and demerits of excessive masturbation are similar in men and women to a limited extent, making this study a holistic one. Healthy and quantitative sperms can support the entire fertilization process in women. If a woman is facing problems related to Infertility, it certainly has nothing to do with the fact if she masturbates or not. When such a situation arises in females, it is highly advised that an experienced doctor must be consulted immediately.

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